The Moments


My name is Brandi and I'm about to get all kinds of corny up in here (up in here).

Parenting can really suck sometimes.  I don't have any problem admitting that because it's the God's honest truth and anyone who says otherwise is lying to you.  Or themselves.  I know that, in the grand scheme of things, three - sometimes four - children is nothing.  I mean, the Duggars have nearly five times as many children as I do.  But I'm firmly of the belief that however many children you have, regardless of it's one or nineteen, there are times when it's just too many kids.  Children can be so stressful!  Not to mention the fact that you're charged with shaping and molding a person.  Hey, yeah, that's not like A WHOLE LOT OF EFFING PRESSURE or anything.

So many people seem to think that having kids means decorating a nursery and watching Disney movies.  And it is.  Approxomately 0.0389% of the time.  The rest of the time is spent changing diapers and cutting crusts off sandwiches and yelling at telling them to QUIT JUMPING ON THE BED FOR CRYING OUT LOUD and promising to dance around like a chicken if they'll take their cough medicine and getting all teary-eyed because they tell you they don't like you and having to stop and count to ten because, oh sweet baby Jesus, Mr. Picky Pants is once again turning up his nose at what you cooked for dinner.  My oldest kid is only six -- I don't even want to think about the reality of parenting once any of my kids hit their teen years!

If I've learned anything in the past six years it's that there WILL be moments when you look at your kid and mutter "bitch please" under your breath.  And there WILL be moments when you have to walk in the other room and mutter every obscentity you can think of under your breath.  And there WILL be moments when consuming an entire bottle of wine in one sitting is acceptable because OH.EM.GEE.  But you know what outweighs all that?  The Moments.  The reasons we have children in the first place.  The Moments that make up for all the attitude and all the unrolling toilet paper all over your bathroom and all the yellow crayon on your living room wall.

For example --

Last Sunday, we were headed to the school playground.  It was me and Karis, the boys, and their little friend who lives down the street.  I have a feeling it was the presence of their friend -- he generally doesn't join us on our trips to the playground -- that boosted the mood.  Whatever it was, Kyan called out over his shoulder, "Mommy!  This is the BEST DAY EVER!"  Man.  Don't you wish you could be four again?  When a trip to the school playground with a friend and your brother and your mom and your baby sister is grounds for being called "the best day ever?"


Jaidan got a citizenship award at school!  I know, I know, I know.  I've gone on about this a lot.  But, man, am I proud of my kid!

The other day, I was trying on dresses.  Kyan and Karis were in the dressing room with me.  I tried on one and Karis yelled, "Oh Mommy!  So pwet-ee!"  I melted and then I died and then I melted again. 

Speaking of compliments, Kyan is all about them.  He is constantly telling women and girls how "cute" they are while he'll be sure to tell guys that they are cool or have a cool shirt or something of that nature.  He is also my biggest cheerleader.  While I'm fixing dinner he'll tell me, "Mommy, you're a really great cooker!"  If I'm straightening up, it's something along the lines of "You sure do a good job of cleaning up!" 

About a week ago, I was trying to sneak in a workout while the kids were awake.  Ha!  This one perched herself over my bike and sang to me.  "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Happy Birthday."

It's very rare that I get to walk Jaidan to school without bringing the other kids along with.  I really enjoy having that one-on-one time with him, even if it is just a few minutes.  We talk about whatever and he doesn't have to worry about sharing my attention with any of the other kids.  On this particular day I took our picture because it looked like I was walking Darth Vader to school.

The other night, Jaidan was laying in my bed with me (it was when he was sick).  He was telling me all about who he is going to be when he grows up.  He wants to be a fireman and have two kids, or maybe four, but he definitely wants a girl named Ally Smith.  It was such a sweet moment, proof that my boy is growing up (he already has a name for a future child picked out!  I understand that this will change 234823832 times before children; the whole changing-of-the-mind thing is one [of many] reasons I don't have a daughter named Lanie Jade).

And my very favorite of The Moments . . .
Weekday mornings are spent trying to get everyone up and around, fielding 3482839 meanless questions, fixing lunch, rushing out the door.  So on weekends the kids all climb in my bed with me and we lay around, snuggle, maybe watch some TV until someone starts demanding breakfast (or I have to pee -- whichever comes first).  The best hour or half hour of our weekend.
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