Thursday Things


1) My dishwasher went out August of 2010.  August of two thousand TEN, peeps.  Two years ago.  We bought a new dishwasher shortly after.  Eddie and a friend installed it and, er, it didn't exactly, you know, work.  So I've been without a dishwasher for TWO YEARS.  Two years, people!  No matter that I spent at least the first 18 years of my life without one.  There are routinely six people in this house.  Do you know how many dishes six people can generate?  And *I* was having to hand wash all those.  No wonder my grandma hands look even more grandma-ish.


As of last Friday, this bad boy has been installed - and working! - in my kitchen:

2) Conversation between Eddie and Kyan the other night:
E: What do you want to be when you grow up?
K: I want to drink grown up drinks.
E: But what do you want to BE?  For work?  What do you want to do?
K: Just drink grown up drinks.  That's all.
E: So you want to be a wino? A bum?  No!  You don't want to be a bum.
K: I do.  I'll be a bum.
E: Bums don't work and they don't have any money.  What are you going to do without any money?
K: Ask Mommy for some.

There you have it.  My four-year-old wants to grow up to be an alcoholic who mooches off of me.  Awesome.

3) Karis is pretty much (day time) potty trained.  I haven't tried taking her in public - other than to take Jaidan to or pick him up from school - without a diaper.  But when we're at home, she's really good about going on the potty.  It's honestly taken a little longer than I anticipated but she IS only two.

4) #photoadayaug pictures from the past week:
8/23 - Pair
8/24 - Path
8/ 25 - Fresh (Beat Band)
8/26 - Dream

8/27 - Tap
8/28 - Clock
8/29 - Down

5) It looks like Isaac will be making his way to my part of the country - in form of tornados and flooding and torential downpours - starting this evening.  Eeek!  I'm thankful that we shouldn't have things anywhere near as bad as on the Louisianna and Mississippi gulf coasts.  But, as much as I love some good thunder boomers, it scares me to think of bad weather while Jaidan is at school and away from me.  :/

6) Speaking of Jaidan and school -- third week of school and we ALREADY have a fundraiser.  Sigh.  He's selling Yankee candles so at least it's something that's fairly usefull but, dang, if those things aren't kinda pricey!

7) I'm trying to lose five pounds before I leave for Vegas (I'll be laying by a pool or pulverizing a buffet exactly one month from right now!).  So how did THIS end up in my cart at the grocery store?

8)We bought a new mattress set yesterday!  Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition, it'll be so nice to wake up in the morning and not feel like an 80-year-old woman.  We don't get it delivered until next Tuesday (boo) but I'm kind of okay with that because we got such a fantasticly awesome deal on it. 

9) This weekend is the BEST WEEKEND OF THE ENTIRE YEAR.  The best.  Better than Christmas and Halloween all rolled into one.  It is . . . college football kickoff weekend!  Can I get a Woo Pig Soiee?!? 


This has been especially true this week - it has been SO incredibly HUMID.  Ugh.
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