Coast to Coast 2012: BEACH!


I'm not sure how it's possible that I ended up in a landlocked state when I love the beach so much.  I mean, really.  It's cruel to be so separated from salt water!

On our last full day in California, we went to Newport Beach for sun and waves.  This was my first actual beach experience with the Pacific.  I've been to Santa Monica Pier before and I have dipped my toes in the San Francisco Bay.  But this was my first time to head to a California beach, spread a towel on the sand, and prepare to splash in the waves.

Too bad the water was way too cold to even BEGIN to think about splashing in the waves!

Jaidan is a little beach bum.  He experienced the ocean for the first time when he was two, when we went to Padre Island, Texas, for Spring Break.  Even then he couldn't get enough of the sand and the waves.  I knew he was going to feel right at home on this beach trip.

I wasn't so sure about Kyan and Karis though.  Kyan because he wasn't a big fan of the beach during our trip to Hilton Head last summer.  And Karis because, well, she's two.  Who knows with her.  About anything.  Ever.  This summer though?  Kyan had the time of his life!  He loved splashing in the waves -- we could not keep the boy out of the water.  And it took Karis a bit to warm up but, when she did, she loved running from the waves.
Starfish!  So neat!

We're so proud of this shot!  We managed to get one where every single one of us got air!

I wanted to do our beach day on our last day so we could sort of unwind from the craziness of Disney.  And it turned out to be a great idea.  It was tame but also fun and just the ultimate way to end our time in California.
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