What I Learned from Election 2012: People are Assholes (I Mean I Already Knew That but COME ON)


I originally planned on posting something I wrote the day after election 2008.  You can read it here if you want, on my now-defunct family blog.  The main reason I chose not to make a post on it today is because it's seriously laughable how much importance I placed on race -- how I thought, four years ago, that my boys today - at ages six and four - would be able to realize that Barack Obama has the same color skin as they do, how it would be important to them, that sort of thing.  As it is, Obama is the only president they've ever really known and, due to the very diverse area we live in, race and being an interracial family are pretty much just non-issues.

ANYWAY.  All that said.  I figured election day would be a good time for me to rant about what I've learned from this election.

Here it is.

People are assholes.

Yeah.  We already knew that.  But, damn, if this year's election didn't bring out the assholery in full-motherloving-force. 

Politics have been contentious since the beginning of time.  I can remember my dad and aunt fighting in the middle of Texas stadium over the 2000 election.  But this election it seems more crazy than ever before.  Where do we place the blame?  Let's start with Mark Zuckerberg.  Facebook. Twitter. Blogs.  Social Media in general.

Social media is more of a force in our lives than it's ever been before.  I can't log in to Facebook at all without seeing some jackass spewing a hateful opinion, trying to pass it off as fact.  I can't read blogs without seeing comments that make me want to pull every single hair out of my head.  I'm glad that I just plain stay away from Twitter because I'm sure I'd be kicking baby kittens left and right.

My Facebook friends list is probably 80% conservative Republican.  I'm not.  At all.  This was my fourth presidential election and in all but one of those elections I've voted for the Democrat candidate.  Most of my social beliefs are quite liberal.  Do I wish more people felt the way I do, voted the way I do?  Absolutely!   But, dude, that's not going to happen and I GET it.  I don't expect all of my friends to share my political beliefs.  I may give someone the side eye when they "like" a status from Donald Trump (because, really?  Donald Trump?) but, really, I don't base how I feel about YOU on your politics.

It's how you express your political beliefs.  That's what I'm sitting over here rolling my eyes and judging your ass on.

"All Democrats are evil!"
"If you're against abortion then you're against women!"
"You can't be liberal AND a Christian."
"Republicans are ignorant."
"Voting for Obama is a vote against America!"

Seriously, people, SHUT UP.  Vote the way you want to vote.  Encourage people to vote for your candidate.  But DO IT WITHOUT BEING AN ASSHOLE.  Lumping all people who vote for one political party together, referring to anyone who votes for so-and-so as ignorant, claiming you'll leave the country if That Guy wins the election?  Yeah, that makes you an asshole.  STOP DOING IT.

Now, we only have hours left in this election season.  Let's all hold hands, sing kumbaya, and pray that we don't have a repeat of 2000 and, before midnight, we know who'll be leading our country for the next four years.

Then let's all shut up about it.  K?  K.
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