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Up until 2006, (almost) every Christmas Eve of my life was spent at my Granny's house.  And that meant that, pretty much without fail, Uncle James would meet you at the door and wish you a "Merry Christmas Eve!"  We no longer head to Granny's house for Christmas Eve and Uncle James has been gone many years.  But it never fails that someone in the family will say something along the lines of, "As Uncle James always said, Merry Christmas Eve!" 

So.  In that spirit, Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

I have a four-year-old this year so we have been in OMGIT'SALMOSTCHRISTMAS!!!111!! overdrive.  I really think four is the magical year where these children go crazy with joy.  Every day is a rush to change the mouse on our advent calendar (or to wake brother up if it's his day to change the mouse), to find the Grinch and his daily activity, to somehow soak up just as much Christmas as humanly possible.  Jaidan is six so, obviously, he's all about some Christmas as well -- Kyan is just a smidge more excited.  Karis, on the other hand, at two pretty much only cares about seeing how many sweets she can shovel into her mouth.  She's not the only one . . . it'll be a Christmas miracle if I can actually fit into my jeans on the 25th.  (Seriously).

We've spent most of the week in a Christmas-getting-ready frenzy.  Jaidan has been on winter break.  Eddie came home Tuesday after being on the west coast for nearly two weeks.  I finished up my Christmas shopping, took a trip to the post office (nearly an hour in line!), and actually got everything wrapped.  We are ready as we're going to be!

Our week:

The date on this one is supposed to be 12/18.
And, SERIOUSLY, this kid loves her Daddy.  The first thing she said Friday morning was, "Where my daddy?"


It's hard to believe only NINE more pictures until I'm done with Project 366 for 2012!
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