Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'm Lovin' It: Food Edition

When I first came up with this post idea, I had great plans of including all kinds of things I'm totally loving right now.  Then I realized that everything I was coming up with was . . . food.  Show of hands on who's surprised!  Bueller . . . Bueller?  Yeah, thought so.

Anyway.  Food edition of things I just cannot get enough of right now.

1) Roasted Zucchini - Mannnnn.  Y'all. Why did I wait so long to realize what an AMAZING vegetable zucchini is?  It is DELICIOUS and it is versatile!  I've fixed it all kinds of different ways but my favorite, my old standby, is to roast it with garlic.  Hello, delicious!  I seriously eat roasted zukes at least once a day.  Sometimes more. 

2) Twice Baked Cauliflower - So, zucchini is an amazing vegetable.  Cauliflower is not.  I mean, I love that you can blend it with potatoes and get more veggie bang for your buck.  But it generally doesn't taste that good.  Exception: twice baked cauliflower!  It's a lot like twice baked potatoes without all the carbs.  Love this stuff!  (This is a good recipe though I don't use the cream cheese).

This is my dinner last night -- twice baked cauliflower, mini crescent roll, green beans, roasted zucchini, and "Rendezvous style" turkey sausage with cheese.  Notice that 3/4 of that plate is VEGETABLES?  Proud of myself!  Maybe I should be embarrassed for being proud of myself for being 32 years old and finally coming arond to vegetables but whatever.

3) Mio Energy Green Thunder flavor - So, I'm really weird.  Anything "energy" makes me really jittery.  Like, the Crystal Light on the go packs that are "energy?"  Yeah, I love the wild strawberry flavor.  Makes me soooo jittery.  I picked up this Mio (I love Mio!) because the commissary had it on sale for just $1.44 a bottle.  I tried it and guess what?  No jitters!  None!  The taste is kind of . . . not bad, but I'm not sure how to describe it either.  I usually chug a bottle of it in the morning.

Okay, seriously, with all this "health" food.  Let's shift gears.

4) Jalapeno flavored Pringles - I go through "phases" with my chips.  A few months ago it was the Lays Stax Adobadas flavor.  I used to be all about the jalapeno Cheetos.  And, once upon a time, it was the Pringles Mexican Layered Dip.  But now I'm loving these jalapeno flavored Pringles.  They are SO good.  And there is pretty much always a can in my pantry!

(By the way -- on the "jalapeno" flavor and chips subject -- jalapeno potato Pop Chips are DISGUSTING.  Ugh.  No.  No, no, no, no, no).

5) Subway - Actually, a particular Subway sandwich -- the roasted chicken, toasted please, with pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, Ranch dressing, and the southwest chipolte sauce.  Best thing about this is that it's a $6 footlong which means for pretty cheap I can have lunch for TWO days!

6) Cupcakes - Nothing new here.  I've always loved me some cupcakes but, lately, those little morsels of delicious have been finding their way in my bell-ah more and more often.  I recently discovered that Swagbucks has a BOGO deal with my local Gigi's so you best be believing we've been cashing in Swagbucks for a free cupcake!

I canNOT wait to get to New York and try some Crumbs for the first time!

7) Barefoot Pink Moscato - Look, I've never shied away from being exactly how I am: a cheap bitch.  I love me some Barefoot wine.  Let's be real: I love any wine that's cheap, tastes decent, and gives me a buzz.  The pink Moscato is my current favorite.  The fact that, using my military discount, I can get an entire (big) bottle for just under $12 gives me all kinds of happy.  Glorious, glorious, wine lush type of happy.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

It Happened This Week


I willingly ate a SALAD the other night.  I KNOW!  I can't believe it either.  Thing is -- I went to dinner with a group of people I don't really know all that well yet.  The entree I ordered came with a side salad and rather than refusing it, I decided to be a big girl.  Because, yeah, every once in a while I do care what other people might think.  Plus, I figured it would somehow balance out the garlic mashed potatoes I'd be inhaling.  And, yes, I DID just write an entire paragraph about salad.  Somebody buy this girl a bottle box of wine beause if this is what now calls for a blog post then . . . well . . . I don't even know.

I'm two weeks behind on P365 pictures so herrrrre we go:
** I'm not posting the picture from 1/16.  It's from Jaidan's honors ceremony and has a bunch of his little classmates in it **

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday Things


NKOTB plus Boyz II Men (!!!!!!) plus 98 Degrees?  In concert?  TOGETHER?  Yes please and thank you very much. 

I'm already planning to make my way to Chicago for the concert there.  I've informed my girl MoMo that she's going with me and we WILL be wearing NKOTB t-shirts.  Say it with me now: "Squeeeee!"

2) So, let's talk about my daughter and the fact that she has, as of late, become infatuated with horses.  That's all good and stuff, I guess, but she leaves off the last few letters of the word when she talks about horses.  Meaning, she talks about "whores."  "My whore jammies!' "I see a whore!" And, yes, she even climbs on my back and yells, "Giddy-up, whore!"  Fun times, y'all.  Fun. Times.

3) Tuesday night's season finale of Parenthood.  Let's discuss.  First off, Lauren Graham is one of the most amazing actors of a generation.  Loved her as Lorelai Gilmore and possibly love her even more as Sarah Braverman.  She is just so REAL and totally becomes her character.  Love her.

Now.  I absolutely love Parenthood but I was a little disappointed in Tuesday night's show.  P'hood is not ever known for a nice wrap up.  They don't just make it all work out at the end of the hour long show.  But this time . . . for the most part, everything just wrapped up nicely.  And THAT makes me worry that they won't be bringing it back next season.

And that?  Y'all.  I don't even want to THINK about it.  At least when they took Friends off the air we knew it was the last episode and we were able to have parties with Friends trivia and shots of vodka to numb the pain a little bit.  I said a little bit.

4) Sometimes . . . occasionally . . . my commitment to my DVR becomes a little overwhelming.  I mean, here it is already Thursday again and I still haven't watched last week's Parks and Rec OR The Office.  And I still have to find time to watch the latest episode of Girls.  Yeah, totally realize that's only three shows.  Ignore me.

5) Kyan and Karis absolutely LOVE the movie Madagascar 3 and want to watch it every single time we get in the car.  Never mind if we're just running up the road!  Gotta watch "Gas Car!"  Thing is, neither of them will wear headphones.  Which means I've heard Madagascar 3 roughly 29034290 times but never actually watched the entire thing.  I can quote it word for word.  And I've decided that Alex (Ben Stiller) has a sexy voice.  Also? "Bring me your huddled masses, baby!" "Only penguins and people can drive!" "Bolshevic!" "I'm like a candy cane in a black and white movie!"  I'll stop now.

6) Eddie likes to rent cars when we go out of town.  A little bit because he just likes to rent cars and also because our vehicles have mileage warranties on them.  He rented me a brand spankin' new Chrysler 300 to take to Arkansas last weekend.  And now?  I WANT.  I never would've looked twice at that car but, ahhhh, the features.  A heated steering wheel!  Cup holders that'll either heat or cool, whichever you prefer.  Yeah.  Again - WANT.

7) We filed our taxes yesterday.  That, my friends, is just exactly how exciting life gets 'round these parts in January.

8) The school system Jaidan goes to (and where Kyan will go next year!) released their proposed caendar for next school year.  The kids will start the first of August and go until right before Memorial Day.  I'm not happy with this.  I'd rather them start mid-August and go to the very end of May -- and maybe not have so many days off during the actual school year (i.e. they don't need a full week for Fall Break -- HELLO!  Fall Break didn't even exsist when I was a kid -- and do they really need off for President's Day and Veteran's Day?  And, here's an idea!  Maybe they should make Spring Break fall the same week as Easter so they already have Good Friday off).  I'm just saying.  The school really should consult ME about things like this.  Right?  Right.

9) How my marriage works:
Him: "You know how you're leaving for New York on our anniversary?"
Me; "Yeah."
Him: "NBA All Star game is the weekend after Valentine's Day.  It would make a lot more sense if I left on Thursday . . . which is Valentine's Day . . . "
Me: "Let's celebrate on Wednesday."
Him: "Deal!"

10) That's right:

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What Instagram and My Phone Say We've Been up to Lately

So I've really been phoning it in on this blog thing lately and guess what?  Today doesn't get any better!  One of these days the weather will warm up, my mojo will come back, and I'll feel like doing a little more than just laying around eating chocolate chip cookie dough and crying over the fact that this season of Parenthood is over.  In the meantime, a look at what Instagram and my phone say we've been up to lately.

Jaidan's behavior chart at school.  Not only was he forging my initials when he DID GOOD but, man, did he nail it or what?  I still have so much to teach that boy . . .
Horrible, awful, no good, very bad horse faced picture of Yours Truly but who can resist a toddler throwing up gang signs?  
The kiddos and I went to Arkansas for the long weekend.  Pawpaw's birthday was Friday so Saturday morning, I had to go by and wish him a happy (belated) birthday. 
If you happen to know my Pawpaw, then you know this stone is so absolutely perfect for him.  At the risk of sounding a little weird -- it makes me happy.  Even though he is gone and we miss him, it's nice (I guess?) that we have such a "Pawpaw" marker for him.
Mawmaw put the brats to work!
I TOLD Eddie I wanted to get her a dollhouse for Christmas!
We met up with a couple of my high school besties while we were in town.  Shanna and me with our mini's!
Between the three of us we have two six-year-olds, three four-year-olds, one two-year-old, and a newborn!
This little gem is hanging in one of the guest rooms of my grandmother's house.
It was the 80's.  'Nuff said.
These cookies remind me SO MUCH of high school.  It seems like every teacher I had bought Ed's Bakery smiley face cookies for a treat from time to time.  I had to pick some up while I was in town.  And was . . . so disappointed!  They tasted like they'd been in the case since 1996!
Stopped at Burger King on the way  home and Karis crowned Kikey a princess.
She has also taken to telling them they're "quibby" which is Karis speak for pretty.  The other day Jaidan told me I needed to start telling Kare Bear she's "handsome" so she'll quit referring to him as quibby . . .
I forgot my sunglasses yesterday morning and had to run back in the house to get them.  When I came back out . . . this.  Sigh.
Jaidan "bear-walked" arond the entire gym during PE yesterday.  Apparently, this is a pretty big deal -- something that even some fifth graders aren't able to do.  The PE coaches, his class, and his teacher were all really proud of him.  His teacher sent home this note.  Jaidan was SO PROUD of himself.  I was pretty proud of the little guy too!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday Things

1) Five Guys Burgers.

We went there on a trip to Savannah back in 2011.  I was sick, though, and could not taste so much as a single bite of the burger I ordered.  My family, the assholes, mmmm'd and ahhhh'd and pretty much went all about their business of letting me know that the burgers were amazing.  We had one open in town several months ago and I wanted to check it out but HOLY LINES, BATMAN. 

I fnally went last week.  It's now my new favorite chain burger place. Thank you, Five Guys, for coming to Memphis!

2) We had a "winter weather event" in the mid-south the beginning of the week.  Basically that means one thing: ice.  Did you know, in this part of the country, they release schools when there's a winter storm warning?  As in, nothing has to actually fall from the sky before they release them?  Yeah, both Jaidan and Z had an early release on Tuesday -- and we were informed of the release before there was even any precip at all.  Fun stuff.  We ended up with some freezing rain and slick roads and, OMG, is it summer yet?

Anyhow, someone posted this on Facebook and, yeah, SO TRUE.

3) I'm kind of in love with the ibotta app.  You've probably already heard of it -- it's been all over the couponing blogs for a few weeks now.  Basically, it has different stuff for you to check out on the app -- read some trivia or a recipe, share on Facebook, etc -- each thing earns you a little bit of money (think a quarter) but it adds up.  After you go shopping, you send a picture of your receipt and you get the money for anything you bought that you browsed through on the ibotta app.  It's pretty cool.  I made about $4 yesterday just getting stuff I'd normally buy.  (Note: if you sign up through the link in this paragraph then I think I get, like, $1 the first time you use the app).

4) My little '06 Asshole received - for the second quarter in a row! - an award for excellent conduct.  I'm still trying to figure out how this kid can have absolutely perfect behavior at school and come home a full blow asshole.  At least he's good at school.  The kindergarten teachers already smile fondly at Kyan and I can only imagine them thinking they wouldn't mind having him in their class next year.  Keep on thinkin' that, kindergarten teachers.  Keep on thinkin' that.

Anyway, J and I went to Pizza Hut after school yesterday to celebrate his accomplishment.  I am super proud of this goofy kid.

5) A week, maybe two, ago I said something about NBC finally realizing that we the people love Parenthood and want more of us and were giving us what we want.  Yeah.  About that.  The season finale is next week.  Next week!  January!  F word, f word, f word!

6) I'm trying very hard to keep up with the random acts of kindness the kids and I were doing over the holidays, inspired by the #26acts campaign.  One thing that I've discovered is there are little acts of kindness that we probably never thought of before.  For instance: school drop off.  It can be a NIGHTMARE.  There is a steady stream of traffic and hard for anyone who parks in front of the school to get out.  I've made it a point to allow one or two people to get out.  It doesn't take much of anything away from me and I KNOW it's a relief to the person I'm showing that little RAK to.

7) I totally have a girl crush on Lena Dunham.  Girl crushing on her now (when everyone else is girl crushing on her) goes against everything I believe in.  But I can't help it.  She's edgy.  She pushes the envelope.  And girlfriend does not care that her body goes against everything Hollywood stands for. You go, Lena.

8) Words of the week are conspiracy and theory.  One of them (you can probably guess which one!) makes me want to punch baby bunnies every.single.time I see it posted on Facebook with an "OMG!"  The other one, the theory that Manti Te'o completely fabricated the story of his grandmother and girlfriend dying within hours of each other -- well, all I know is I love a good conspiracy theory when it leaves me unsure of whether to make a joke about Mormons or Notre Dame.  I have friends who are Mormon, though, so I'll go with the *insert your Notre Dame joke here* instead.  Really, though, Te'o?  REALLY?  Come on, dude.  I'll give you this much -- there's no telling how many people got wasted taking a shot every time your little story was mentioned during a Notre Dame game. 

9) Kyan, Karis, and I went to play at McDonald's yesterday morning.  Well, Kyan played.  Regina George refuses to deign herself to play with the commoners.  Instead, she commandeered my iPad.  I looked over and saw this:


If that doesn't say "she's my girl" then I don't know what does.

10) I usually like to add something funny ha ha at the end of my Thursday list but today I'm loving this:

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Heart Logan Bruno

If you were a book nerd in the 80's or 90's then odds are good that you, like me, grew up on The Baby-sitters Club.  Odds are also pretty good that you're wondering if Ann M. Martin is going to pull a Francine Pascal on us and bring back Kristy and the crew in a series that follows them as, you know, grown ups and stuff.  (By the way, when the series started in 1986, the main four were all 12 years old which means they'd be approaching 40 now!  Wowza!)  Martin seemed to like the stereotypes so we already know that Kristy would be the lesbian softball coach and Claudia would be off in Paris painting while Stacey McGill, everyone's favorite, would be a fashion designer.  Dawn would be a surfing instructor, Mallory a librarian, and Jessi, of course, a ballerina.  Mary Anne would throw us all for a loop and be, like, a dominatrix or something.

Ahh, good old Mary Anne Spier.  She was the shy, mousy girl who wore pigtails until well into seventh grade, had a cat named Tigger, and totally swooned over Logan Bruno and his Louisville accent.  She was often described as having a "crush" on New York City.  No girl in the 80's or 90's would ever claim to be a "Mary Anne."  I guess it would be kind of like admitting you were a "Charlotte" amongst the Sex and the City characters.  Everyone wanted to be a Stacey or a Claudia, maybe a Dawn.  But a Mary Anne?  Timid with no fashion sense?  No thank you very much. 

But the whole crush on New York City thing?  I feel ya, sistah!

I'm not going to go as far as to say I have a crush on NYC.   I've never been.

But, man, I've always wanted to go.  I mean, it's a helluva town . . . the Bronx is up but the Battery's down . . .

Seriously, though.  Times Square and Broadway, the Yankees, the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building and the Top of the Rock and all the neighborhoods and restaurants!  It's easy to see how Mary Anne Spier could have a crush on something so big and so (seemingly) awesome.

And guess what?

I'll be able to check it out for myself in March!  I bought my ticket yesterday!

Pardon me for a moment.


Whew.  There.  Feel better.

Since New Orleans priced itself out for almost anyone who would have to fly in, my girls and I decided to move our springtime trip [much] further north.  So, in late March -- these vagabond shoes that have been longing to stray?  They'll stray all the way to NYC.  For the first time ever!  I'm actually flying to my friend Dahlia in Connecticut since flying directly into NYC would've cost me my children's college funds.  I CAN'T WAIT.  One more time: I CAN'T WAIT!

There will be Times Square.  There will be all the sites.  There will be cupcakes from Crumbs and hotdogs from a street vendor and as much yummy food as I can find.  There will be my favorite girls and there's a good chance there will be large amounts of vodka. 

Watch out, New York City!  You're about to get a Whore Invasion!

Monday, January 14, 2013

You are Gonna Want to Pin the Hell Out of this Shit Because it's theGreatest Cleaning Secret EVER

I'm hoping you can all forgive me for posting a cleaning tip. Actually I'm pretty sure you will when you realize just how brilliant this is.

Let me tell you what happened.

The other day, the boys decided they wanted to "clean."  By all means, be my guest!  I gave them a couple of rags and sprayed some cleaner on them (I prefer the Clorox green stuff.  It smells good and it makes me feel better about using disposable water bottles and the occasional paper plate).  I let the boys go to town.  They swiped the rags over the kitchen floor and any counter tops and surfaces they could reach.

I did not clean a damn thing.  Okay?

When Eddie came home from work that night he told me, "house looks great!" 

Seriously?  I'm judging myself for not scheming this up sooner.  I didn't have to scrub toilets or mop floors and the house looked great?

So here's your cleaning tip:  Get yourself some cleaning spray, a few rags, and a couple of kids (I have a few you can borrow.  FOR FREE).  Saturate those rags with cleaning spray and throw them at the kids.  Then let them get to "cleaning."  It doesn't really matter what surfaces they're scrubbing. You're going after that good clean smell anyway.

Meanwhile, you can sit back and enjoy a cocktail and a Roseanne marathon.

Genius, I tell ya.  GENIUS.

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