I'm Lovin' It: Food Edition


When I first came up with this post idea, I had great plans of including all kinds of things I'm totally loving right now.  Then I realized that everything I was coming up with was . . . food.  Show of hands on who's surprised!  Bueller . . . Bueller?  Yeah, thought so.

Anyway.  Food edition of things I just cannot get enough of right now.

1) Roasted Zucchini - Mannnnn.  Y'all. Why did I wait so long to realize what an AMAZING vegetable zucchini is?  It is DELICIOUS and it is versatile!  I've fixed it all kinds of different ways but my favorite, my old standby, is to roast it with garlic.  Hello, delicious!  I seriously eat roasted zukes at least once a day.  Sometimes more. 

2) Twice Baked Cauliflower - So, zucchini is an amazing vegetable.  Cauliflower is not.  I mean, I love that you can blend it with potatoes and get more veggie bang for your buck.  But it generally doesn't taste that good.  Exception: twice baked cauliflower!  It's a lot like twice baked potatoes without all the carbs.  Love this stuff!  (This is a good recipe though I don't use the cream cheese).

This is my dinner last night -- twice baked cauliflower, mini crescent roll, green beans, roasted zucchini, and "Rendezvous style" turkey sausage with cheese.  Notice that 3/4 of that plate is VEGETABLES?  Proud of myself!  Maybe I should be embarrassed for being proud of myself for being 32 years old and finally coming arond to vegetables but whatever.

3) Mio Energy Green Thunder flavor - So, I'm really weird.  Anything "energy" makes me really jittery.  Like, the Crystal Light on the go packs that are "energy?"  Yeah, I love the wild strawberry flavor.  Makes me soooo jittery.  I picked up this Mio (I love Mio!) because the commissary had it on sale for just $1.44 a bottle.  I tried it and guess what?  No jitters!  None!  The taste is kind of . . . not bad, but I'm not sure how to describe it either.  I usually chug a bottle of it in the morning.

Okay, seriously, with all this "health" food.  Let's shift gears.

4) Jalapeno flavored Pringles - I go through "phases" with my chips.  A few months ago it was the Lays Stax Adobadas flavor.  I used to be all about the jalapeno Cheetos.  And, once upon a time, it was the Pringles Mexican Layered Dip.  But now I'm loving these jalapeno flavored Pringles.  They are SO good.  And there is pretty much always a can in my pantry!

(By the way -- on the "jalapeno" flavor and chips subject -- jalapeno potato Pop Chips are DISGUSTING.  Ugh.  No.  No, no, no, no, no).

5) Subway - Actually, a particular Subway sandwich -- the roasted chicken, toasted please, with pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, Ranch dressing, and the southwest chipolte sauce.  Best thing about this is that it's a $6 footlong which means for pretty cheap I can have lunch for TWO days!

6) Cupcakes - Nothing new here.  I've always loved me some cupcakes but, lately, those little morsels of delicious have been finding their way in my bell-ah more and more often.  I recently discovered that Swagbucks has a BOGO deal with my local Gigi's so you best be believing we've been cashing in Swagbucks for a free cupcake!

I canNOT wait to get to New York and try some Crumbs for the first time!

7) Barefoot Pink Moscato - Look, I've never shied away from being exactly how I am: a cheap bitch.  I love me some Barefoot wine.  Let's be real: I love any wine that's cheap, tastes decent, and gives me a buzz.  The pink Moscato is my current favorite.  The fact that, using my military discount, I can get an entire (big) bottle for just under $12 gives me all kinds of happy.  Glorious, glorious, wine lush type of happy.
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