So my husband cannot keep a secret for shit.  He does this thing:

"You're going to LOVE your Christmas present.  Wanna know what it is?"

Hi.  You've been married to me for going on four years now.  YOU KNOW I WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT IS.  I'm the girl who used to unwrap and then rewrap gifts.  I could give seminars on snooping.  And you're going to ask me if I want to know what you got me?  Duh.

I found out Tuesday or Wednesday of last week that he got me . . .

*Drumroll Please*



It wasn't a complete surprise seeing as we'd discussed it a few weeks before.  But it was.still.awesome.

Prior to Sunday morning, I had a Droid.  I loved that phone but I'm not going to lie -- this iPhone totally kicks the Droids ass.  Not only that, but he bought the LifeProof case for it.  This takes the phone from merely bad ass to Chuck Norris.  When he said those magical words, "waterproof" my first response was "I can text in the shower!"  I was joking but turns out it is a possibillity -- at least according to Youtube videos -- but I'm still too chicken to get it too close to water.

Of course, the second app I downloaded (after Facebook) was Instagram.  Do you know how hard it is to be a Droid user in an Instagram world?  Well, I'll tell ya -- it sucks.  So now that I have the power of Instagram I've been taking pictures of the most mudane things ever.

And, of course, tons of pictures of my little people.
If you Instagram and you're interested in pictures of my the mundane (or my children) feel free to follow me.

I've also been getting acquainted with my new girlfriend, Siri.  I've told her I loved her, asked her to talk dirty to me, and inquired as to who her daddy is.  We're getting along famously. 

I'm still trying to learn this phone and navigate my way through it and find the best apps.  But as of right now?  Less than a week into our relationship?  Crazy in love.  This is the first Apple product I've ever owned (I've never even had an iPod!) and, yeah, I'm not going to turn into one of those "I will ONLY use a Mac" assholes but I really am loving this phone.  And for all you iPhone devotees out there who are not tardy to the party and have had one for more than five minutes, can you share with me your favorite apps? 
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