Coast to Coast 2012: Disney: The Characters!


Truth: I was more excited about seeing (and, let's be real, taking pictures with) the Disney characters than actually riding rides and stuff. 

Truth #2: Me = Naive.  I didn't realize that we'd have to, you know, stand in line to meet them.  Duh.

We met quite a few though!  And the kids really got a kick out of meeting them.  There were tears, though, when Buzz replaced Woody in line and we didn't get to meet Woody.  Like, both of my boys were in full on "Nooooo!  Woooooody!" mode that could only be remedied with some $4 cotton candy.  Le sigh.

Handy Manny




"The Mouse" as Karis calls him

Kyan was SO EXCITED to meet Buzz.  He was a little disappointed that it wasn't Woody (this was before the Great Toy Story Meltdown of 2012) but he was still so stoked to meet Buzz.  He ran up to him and gave him a big hug.  It was pretty much just the Cutest Thing Ever.

I had to beg, plead, pull out the tears, and come *thisclose* to offering sexual favors in order to get this picture.  We had stood in line for McQueen, we'd already HAD a pic with Mater, and we were GOING TO GET OUR PICTURE WITH LIGHTENING. 

Now the princesses . . .

I had decided we weren't going to do pictures with them (even though I LOVE Beauty and the Beast and was dying for a picture with Belle!).  My boys could care less about princesses, Karis is too young, yadda yadda.  In the end, I'm not sure exactly why I decided we'd stand in the line (it was about 15 minutes I guess) but I'm so glad we did!  First off, Belle was one of the princesses (YAY!).  And Karis - my little tomboy who loves cars and boy toys - was totally enamored!  She kept whispering "Hi pwincess!" and would tell them "bye bye pwincess!"  When it was time to take pictures she even said, "pwincess" rather than cheese.  The cuteness.  I DIE.
My favorite!

A blurry pic is all we got of Tiana
Sad face.

She was by far the most personable of all the princesses --  she interacted with all my kids and they all loved her.

And guess what?

As soon as you walk out of the area with the princesses, there is a shop devoted to selling overpriced Disney princess merchandise.  And whose daughter made a bee-line for all the pink and purple and princess-y?  Yeah, my little tomboy!  The same little girl who won't wear her Rapunzel dress we got her for her birthday for nothing!  Grr!
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