It Happened This Week x 3


SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.  Guess what is being released today?  The first two installments of The Sweet Life e-serial.  If you grew up in the 80's or 90's then you done know that any book with "Sweet" in the title is about our favorite identical twins Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield.  I am ridiculously excited to read this series.  Ridiculously, embarrassingly excited.  Now, can someone please tell Ann M. Martin to update us on Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne, and the rest of the Baby-sitter's Club?  Kthanks.

Here's a little look at our past three weeks:

Sunday 6/24:
This particular Sunday Fun Day was quite possibly the HOTTEST AND MOST CROWDED DAY EVER at the Spray Park.  Oh.My.Gosh.  It was SO hot and I had never seen SO many people out there.

Monday 6/25:

Tuesday 6/26:

Wednesday 6/27:
Date on the picture is wrong.
Too lazy to change it.

Thursday 6/28:

Friday 6/29:
So, when we left on Thursday we headed to Dallas (our friends we were travelling with live in Dallas).  Friday was sort of a free day so we took the kids to the Parks Mall in Arlington where Jaidan ice skating for the first time!  Unfortch, the kid is a lot like his Mama.  :/  Coordination = 0.

Saturday 6/30:
We drove a little past the halfway point between Dallas and LA to spend a night in Deming, New Mexico.  We left early enough to get there in time for the kids to get out as much energy as possible in the pool.

Sunday 7/1:

Monday 7/2:

Tuesday 7/3:

Wednesday 7/4:

Thursday 7/5:

Friday 7/6:

Saturday 7/7:

Sunday 7/8:

Monday 7/9:

We got home from our trip late the night of the 9th.  Waiting for me when I got home was . . . a new camera!  It's a point-and-shoot (it's also Eddie's anniversary gift for putting in 15 years with his company.  Meaning IT WAS FREE) but it's a top of the line point-and-shoot.  I haven't even come close to beginning to figure this thing out yet but even shooting in automatic mode, I've managed to get some amazingly crisp pictures.  I'm kindasorta totallyandcompletely in l-o-v-e with this camera.

Aaaaand I gave you that whole paragraph because the rest of these pictures were taken with my new Lover.  Hoping you'll see a difference in their vibrance/ quality.

Monday 7/10:

Wednesday 7/11:
Notice that tatoo on his head?  Yeah.  He put that one there - and a whole bunch up and down his arms - because he was, and I quote, "trying to look like a basketball player."  Sigh.

Thursday 7/12:

Friday 7/13:

Saturday 7/14:

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