It Happened This Week


Three reasons I'd rather be writing this next Sunday:

1) Eddie and I will be headed to New Orleans in preparation to catch a boat!
2) The election will (hopefully, oh please God, no repeat of 2000) be over.  Even if we don't have a clear presidential winner, you know what we will have?  An end to the ads.  Let me tell you, peeps, living in a tri-state area during election time is awesome.  *Blinks*  (P.S. Mississippi politicians -- doooods.  You've outnumbered Tennessee and Arkansas politicians by like four ads to every one of theirs.  CHILL).
3) I won't be dealing with the ramifications of the dreaded Time Change.

I'm not sure which I'm more excited about.  But since I'm dealing with the Time Change, right here, at this very moment, let's talk about it.

I read a blog post the othe day that was all, "OMG, you haterzzzz, quit being SO MEAN to the time change!  You get a free hour!  Do something with it!  Watch a movie!"  To which I'd like to reply with something like "shut up" or "bite me" or "let's take that extra hour and stick it up your . . . "

Seriously, though, watch a movie?  With an hour?  The only movies that last an hour are the kind that come on Nickelodeon and usually star the My Little Ponies.  NO THANK YOU.

That "extra hour" at my house generally means the same amount of sleep but that doesn't mean shit when you look at the clock and realize that it's an ungodly hour -- an ungodly hour that's an hour earlier than the ungodly hour your little cretins normally awaken you.  I'm going to be grumpy today.  I know it.

A look at our week:

I went on Monday and bought Jaidan a new coat.
Yesterday it was 85* outside.  Figures.
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