Thursday Things


1) I grew up in a very political household.  My dad especially was pretty politically charged.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree and I have some definite opinions when it comes to politics and Eddie and I both try to make sure that our children understand just how important it is to vote and make their voice heard.  As a result, Jaidan and Z thought we needed an "election party" Tuesday night.

I couldn't help but think that my dad would have smiled a little at the thought - though he was probably turning over in his grave knowing the way I voted! 

The "party" got off to a rocky start when Romney took an early lead and Jaidan urged Eddie and I to "go vote again!"  We were, obviously, pleased with the outcome of the presidential election.  I know that people have a lot of feelings on the subject so that's all I'm going to say about that.

HOWEVER.  I do want to say that I was ecstatic to realize the turn around we had from four years ago.  I remember the elation of Obama being elected only to be disappointed that California had turned down their gay marriage prop.  This time around, though, four states - FOUR! - took steps toward approving gay marriage.  Um, AWESOME.  As someone whose marriage would've been illegal a couple generations ago, it's very VERY important to me that no one's civil rights are decided upon by anyone else's religious beliefs.  And, whew, let me climb down from my soapbox . . .

2) I know that my children will be in good hands while Eddie and I are gone next week but I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed at the thought of leaving them.  I've never been away from them for so long and the only time Eddie and I were ever away from them longer than overnight, Kyan was still an infant and Jaidan was barely two!  I know they are going to be in good hands and I know they're probably going to really enjoy this week of Mommy and Daddy being away.  But I'm still feeling all kinds of YIKES over the whole thing.

Also, it's really, really overhwelming trying to get your shit together for someone else to come and take over your house for a full week!

3) All that being said -- just FOUR days until we sail out.  Four!  And, not only that, but I have big plans to get some beignets before we ever step foot on that boat.  And even bigger plans to introduce Eddie to one of my greatest NOLA loves - Franks - at some point on this trip. 

4) Remember several months ago when that whack-a-doo lady in England wrote the article about how hard it was being a devastatingly beautiful woman?  Like, women hated her and, man, was it a HUGE cross to bear -- all that male attention with free drinks and offering to buy her dinner and stuff.  I have no idea how she feels.  I am not devastatingly beautiful.  But I do know how it feels to be not-repulsive and, in the past week, that's meant getting hit on by the one-eyed pizza delivery guy AND a single dad at the mall play area.  Mama is on feee-ire, ya'll.

5) Karis seems to go through phases as to who is her favorite amongst her siblings.  These days, it tends to be Jaidan (or, as she likes to call him, Jai-nan KAI).  Approxomately 23904203 times a day we hear her yell, "Jai-nan KAI, Come here!"  And when he's not home it's more along the lines of, "Hold on Jai-nan KAI, we comin'!"  I realize that since she's not your kid you have no idea why I just told you any of that.  But, dang, she's my kid and therefore I find it at least 19 different kinds of adorable.

6) My kids made a "thankful turkey" the other day and every day they are writing down what they're thankful for.  I did something like this with my kids when I worked an after school program many moons ago so I already know that kids can say some fun and off the wall things.  Amongst the funnier things my kids have been thankful for this week: skeletons, Santa Claus, turkeys, and the other day all Karis would tell me was "I like to move it, move it.  I like to shake it, shake it."  I'm taking that to mean the Madagascar movies.

7) So by Tuesday I was thinking I made this time change my biiiiiitch.  My kids got up early (of course!) Sunday morning but I made them all take naps that afternoon.  As a result, they weren't wanting to go to bed super early that evening.  Monday morning and Tuesday morning we were all on our regular schedule.  Then Wednesday morning every single one of the kids was up an hour early.  The heck?  Time change?  Suck it.

8) I am so over The Voice coming between me and all my NBC shows.  Yes, Adam Levine is mmm mmm mmm *fans self*  But, come on, I want to watch Parenthood and SVU and The New Normal and all my Thursday night shows.  Is that too much to ask?  Is it?

9) I watched Jerry Maguire last night which means there's a pretty good chance I'm going to go around today yelling, "Show me the money!" and "I love black people!"

10)  You go Betty.  You go.
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