There Will Be No "Easy" in the Big Easy This Time Around


When we were initially booking this cruise, it was pretty much a given that we'd port of New Orleans.  The proximity to Memphis was obviously the biggest draw.  I also have friends in the area.  And, hello, it's only my FAVORITE CITY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.  And the food there?  OMG, ya'll.  Oh.Em.Gee. 

The other day, though, I told my girlfriends that as excited as I was about the trip and hitting up NOLA again, I kinda wish I was going with them rather than the husband.  Yeah.  I KNOW.  #badwife.  I get it.  The thing is -- I feel like New Orleans is for my girlfriends.  Eddie and I have never been there together and it just feels a little . . . I dunno, weird?  I'm going with someone who would be mortified if I wore a tutu on Bourbon Street and also wouldn't so much appreciate taking pictures of me with random dudes and would be all, "what're you DOING?" if I held hands with the cab driver and skipped down the street.  Please don't misunderstand: my husband is fun.  He's just not girly fun.  Which is probably why I married him.  But I digress.  The man doesn't even like oysters, ya'll!  Me, him, and New Orleans?  There might be a problem.

Let me give you a little example.  Saturday night he asked me to check and see what places had specials for Veteran's Day.  I read a few off to him and then told him O'Charley's had one but it was Monday only.  So, we really like O'Charley's.  O'Charley's is cool for a Friday afternoon in Memphis when you want to eat somewhere two miles from your house. 

Him: "O'Charley's?  I can just pick up something there in New Orleans.  Before we get on the boat."
Me (mortified): "WHAT?  You cannot eat O'Charley's in New Orleans!  You eat NEW ORLEANS in New Orleans.  Oh my gosh. I cannot even BELIEVE you right now."  (No, matter of fact, I'm NOT a drama queen but thanks for asking).
Him: "Heh?  It's free food!  I'm saving money."
Me: "You're saving TEN DOLLARS.  Ten!  And at what cost?"

All I can say is this: the New Orleans portion of our trip is going to be pretty interesting if I'm all "muffaletta!" and "po' boy!" and "alligator sausage!" and "oysters rockafeller!" and he's all "chicken tenders!"

And, just for fun, I'll leave you with a favorite from my NOLA 2012: Girlfriends Edition trip:

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