Honeymoon: Take One


Today the husband and I are here:

And I'm probably humming "toes in the water, ass in the sand" while my toes ARE in the water and my ass IS in the sand.  And I'm probably missing my kids but still not wanting to leave that little bit of paradise.  Ahhhh.

Since we're on Honeymoon: Take Two, I thought I'd use today to share a few pictures from our Honeymoon: Take One.

Four years ago, right around this time of year, we spent a few days in southern California and Las Vegas.  We spent a night in Hollywood, went to Knott's Berry Farm, saw the sights of Vegas, caught a Clippers game, and checked out the Santa Monica Pier.

Knott's Berry Farm
While we were here - at an amusement park sans kids! - I drug Eddie on every single roller coaster and thrill ride they had.  It was the last time I rode a roller coaster that didn't have cars shaped like shoes or feature Goofy.  Sigh.
Oh, Vegas.  I heart you.
We drove from Vegas to LA the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  Biggest mistake ever.  HOLY TRAFFIC, BATMAN.  I spent the time taking roughly 934923092 pictures through the Mojave Desert.

Clippers game!

At the Staples Center

Our last night, we still hadn't made it to the ocean.  I had seen Wilshire Blvd and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  I had eaten an In-n-Out burger (sorry, California folk but NO THANK YOU) and Roscoe's chicken and waffles.  I had experienced LA traffic.  But I hadn't dipped my toes in the Pacific and I wasn't going home until I did.  Even though we only had a few hours until we had to catch our plane, we made our way over to the Santa Monica Pier and I was finally able to say I'd been to the Pacific Ocean!

Now, here's hoping for this trip we've managed to get more pictures of the two of us together!
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