Number Eight


My cousin Storme and I got up at 5:30 Saturday morning.  We got cute, put on our best Woo Pig wear, cleaned up a toddler sized ass explosion, and then got on the road.  Destination: Oxford, Mississippi.

Do you know what's in Oxford, Mississippi?

The University of Mississippi.  And not much else.

But, this past weekend, our Hogs were there too.  So Storme and I traveled the hour and a half from Memphis to Oxford to get a little bit of Woo Pig Soiee on.
Did you know Ron White is an Ole Miss fan?  Well, maybe he's not.  But his bootleg version is.

We didn't purchase our tickets in advance.  We waited until we got there and purchased a pair from this dude, who was selling them on a sidewalk, and paused to call the Hogs with me.
We ended up sitting on the Ole Miss side of the field.  We also ended up sitting on row three.  Yes, three.  As in one, two, THREE.  As in awesome
The game started off great.  For Ole Miss fans.  Not so much for us Hog fans.  Ole Miss put 17 points up on the board before halftime.  Bobby Petrino apparently gave a good ass chewing at the Half because our boys came back ready to actually play ball in the final two quarters. 

Touchdown Arkansas
First down Arkansas
Touchdown Arkansas

It proved to be a little much for the poor Ole Miss fan in front of us.  He quit yelling "Pulled Pork!  Pulled Pork!" and started sulking.  He withdrew his invitation for Storme and I to attend an Ole Miss party.  And, with Ole Miss down 29-17 with three minutes left in the game, he tucked his tail between his legs and high tailed out of the stadium.
Dumb move.

In those final few minutes, Ole Miss scored a touchdown bringing the score to 29-24.  Then they did an onside kick and recovered it.  That's when my heart stopped beating and I couldn't breathe.  Because all I could think about is how THIS would be the game.  THIS game, the one that I was at, would be the game that Arkansas would lose, dashing all hopes of any BCS nods in December.

Luckily, our defense stepped up and managed to snag an interception.  With less than a minute left in the game, we were able to take a knee and then run out the clock.

Arkansas win.
And now they're number eight in the nation.

Woo Pig Soiee!
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