It Feels Like Fall! Except it Doesn't. Alternately Titled: Put Away the Boots and Hoodies Before You Make Me Burst a Blood Vessell from Giving You the Stank Eye


It stormed here Wednesday night, Thursday night, and Friday night.  Thursday and Friday mornings we woke up and it was steamy and humid and gross.  Karis and I went for a walk Thursday morning and by the time we made it home (before 10:00!) I was dripping with sweat, looked like I'd been in some sort of wet t-shirt contest for the over 30-with-droppy-boobs crowd.  Friday night's storm brought a cold front along with it, though, and when we woke Saturday morning we were greeted with FALL.  Except not.  The 80's we had on Saturday were so much nicer than the OMGHOT we've had from this cruel, cruel summer that it felt much cooler than it actually was.

Which brings me to one of the things - maybe even THE one thing - I hate most about this time of year.  As soon as the thermometer dips below 90, people are pulling out their hoodies.  Putting on their boots.  Stowing away the shorts and tank tops and flip flops.  Ordering pumpkin spice lattes and hot chocolate.  And this, my friends, MAKES ME STABBY.  Okay, everything except for the pumpkin spice anything (totes bought my first bag of pumpkin spice Kisses the other day).  And I plan to have chili simmering in the crockpot within the next hour.  And maybe, possibly in my euphoria from taking a walk and not having to come home and immediately jump in the shower, I posted a "woo hoo fall!" status on Facebook the other day.  But the hoodies are still packed away and the boots are in the back of my closet.  It's not fall.  Yet.  Let's just be happy with the slight cool down, with the weather that allows us to enjoy being outside but still makes flip flops possible, that we can feel "in season" with a pumpkin spice latte OR a strawberry slushie.

Speaking of all things fall related - FOOTBALL.



Saturday was brutal to Razorback nation.  Several injured players and we lost - in overtime - to St. Mary's School for Wayward Girls.  Now, I will be the first to tell you that when the preseason rankings came out and we were at #10, I felt disloyal in thinking "nuh-uh."  Believe me, I love my Razorbacks and I would like nothing more than to see them deserving of being on top of every poll in the nation.  However.  The offseason was - how do we put this delicately - a little roughStill.  I may have thought #10 was a little more than we deserved but I did NOT think we would lose to Louisiana Monroe in the SECOND GAME OF THE SEASON.

It's probably karma on my part for poking fun at Texas A&M for losing their first ever SEC game.

Regardless.  I'm a Hog fan and we all know bad games happen.  Bad seasons happen.  And, from the chorus of "Bring Bobby Back!" on Facebook, it seems like there's a good chance that everything old can be new again come next season.

Woo Pig!
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