It Happened This Week


Jaidan's first day of school was one month ago today.  One month and I've already been sick twice.  I have been sick twice.  Me!  Jaidan had a bit of a snotty nose and Kyan and Karis both had some congestion mess but I've the one that's been hit - and hit hard - twice.  So.not.fair.  So, yeah, the second half of my week was spent feeling sorry for myself.  I really wish we had picked up some "daycare immunity" before starting kindergarten.  I don't even want to think about how sick we're going to be when cold and flu season really comes around!

Sunday 9/2:

Monday 9/3:

Tuesday 9/4:

Wednesday 9/5:

Thursday 9/6:

Friday 9/7:
So, I got a new camera a couple months ago.  And it is awesome and I love it and, yes, I would totes marry it.  But, it's bit and bulky and expensive and, therefore, will never, ever, ever be allowed on a whores trip with me.  The tiny little point and shoot I have had seen mucho better days so we replaced it.  I bought a Nikon that is both shockproof and waterproof.  Ummm, can I get a HELL YEAH?  It came in Friday and we played around with it.  This picture and the next were taken with it.

Saturday 9/8:

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