It's What's Been Up


Life is kinda good right now.

Jaidan is starting kindergarten on Thursday.  Karis is showing more interest in the potty (oh to the em to the geeee-e-ee, such an improvement over the SCREAMING BANSHEE she was when I'd put her on the potty in previous weeks).  The Olympics are on and I LOVE THE OLYMPICS.  I'm going to Vegas next month.  It feels like this summer has done a complete 180 from the raging ball of shit that was summer 2011.  I kinda love you, 2012.  I kinda do.

Here's a look at what we've been up to, via Instagram:

Gold medals from their Gigi

I made s'mores brownies for Z's first day of seventh grade yesterday.
The recipe is from How Sweet It Is which used to be my favorite food blog.  Now it seems like most of her food is, well . . . weird.  It's kind of gotten that way with a majority of my {former} favorite food blogs.  Seriously, food bloggers?  Can we stop seeing how much random shit you can throw together in the name of making it all Pinteresty?  Please and thank you.

School suppiles!
I'm now broke.

Olympic gymnastics at the spray park

Kare Bear's first Barbies!  (Or, as she calls them, fwincesses).
We found these at a yard sale on Saturday.  They had ratty hair and one had a mangled hand so I picked them up because I'm thinking, surely, with all their flaws they'd be no more than a buck a piece.  Ha!  The lady wanted $10 for the three of them (she actually wanted $20 for me to take them along with a dirty and small Barbie house and three Dollar store barbies whose heads would pop off before we even got them home).  I told her no then tried to pry the "fwincesses" from Karis' hands.  Fail.  Well played, yard sale beyotch lady.  Well played.


Jaidan and I took a bag of onions and box of panko and made a ton of onion rings to freeze the other day.  My kitchen was a Disaster when we finished.  But we had fun.

Big.  So Big.  Too big.

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