Coast to Coast 2012: Wet 'n Wild


My kids went to DC.  Saw a TON of history in Virginia.  Traveled to three states they'd never stepped foot in before.  But, hands down, their absolute favorite part of the trip was the day we spent at Wet 'n Wild.

I was NOT excited about this part of the trip.  I mean, I was because they kids were excited.  But I was also afraid it was going to be . . . chaos.  Not very fun for me.  In the end, though, it made me wish that Memphis had something like it!  Karis spent most of her time hanging out with the grandmas and that freed me up to do stuff with the boys . . . who had an absolute blast!

The kids area was amazing!  Karis could play in it without someone having to be right on top of her the whole time.  They had swings for babies and slides that were the perfect size for the boys.

The boys both said their favorite thing was the wave pool.  I've always been a fan of the wave pool at places like this too . . . just notsomuch when I'm holding a four-year-old and a ginormous wave knocks us both down, skinning my leg from foot to butt.  :/

Even with my tumble(s) in the wave pool . . . and even with the fact that the place was crawling with 17-year-olds who knew not of such things as cellulite and stetch marks . . . it was a pretty great day!  Hey, Wet 'n Wild!  Come to Memphis!

Next up: Final trip wrap up!
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