Coast to Coast 2012: Alllllll the Other Stuff


1) Our first meal stop of the day was notthatfar from my house, at Loretta Lynn's Country Kitchen in Hurricane Mills (south of Nashville).  It was definitely "country" food and it was really good!  If you ever go, make sure to getcha some of their green beans.  And, believe me, you will probably NEVER again see me recommeding green beans.  These were that good!

2) My daughter gets carsick.  It.was.bad.  She did okay when she had Dramamine.  When she refused to take her Dramamine?  Well.  Let's just say I ended up throwing away my purse at a gas station on the North Carolina/ Tennessee line due to her christening it with her carsickness.

3) I firmly believe that Cracker Barrell is the state restaurant of Virginia.

4) We got in lots of cousin time!  My nephew, who is two and a half, called both the boys "Kyan."  He was more partial to the real Kyan but loved to pal around with both of the boys.

5) Karis was NOT a fan of her cousin.  In fact, she ran and hid whenever he came in the room.  She wouldn't have anything to do with him and I took to calling her Regina George (a la Mean Girls).

6) We found men in uniform in DC!
Say it with me now: HUBBA HUBBA
One more: COME TO MAMA

6) As the picture above evidences, my cousin Alison learned not to ever utter the words "I dare you" to me unless she REALLY wants me to do it!  I will totally catcall a group of young sailors.  Oh yes I will.

7) Something we else we saw in DC?  This guy:

He hung out on the fence, very close to us, not leaving us alone until . . .

My brother offered him a sucker.

DC squirrels . . . ain't skerred.

8) My scalp totally got sunburned on our DC day.  Do you know how bad it hurts to have the top of your head burned?  YEOWCH.

9) Eating dinner Saturday night, the whole group minus ME:

10) I took this picture at the Fredericksburg Battlefield.  Orbs?  Rain? Overactive imagination on my part?
The foundation outline was of the Stephens House -- according to legend, the lady of the house did not flee as the Battle raged on outside her front door and, in fact, tended to wounded soldiers.  She's buried on the land now.

11) We stopped for the night in Cookeville, TN on our way home.  We ate at the Steak and Shake with the ABSOLUTE MOST INCOMPETANT STAFF in the history of ever while we were there.  Gah!  We did, however, get a cute pic or two while we were there.  ;)
Do I look tired and like I'd lost my shit with kids approxomately 23483292 times that day?
Yeah.  Thought so.

I'll have one more post next week but this was, pretty much, our trip!  It was a good time.  As MawMaw kept saying - it was the trip of a lifetime.  I can't wait to take my kids back to DC one of these days.  I can't wait to go myself when I can enjoy the American History museum and the Arlington National Cemetery a little more.  It was a great time.
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