Coast to Coast 2012: Onto North Carolina!


My cousin and his family live in North Carolina, about four hours from where my brother is, so we knew we had to make visiting with them a part of our trip.

I gotta tell ya'll.  I LOVE North Carolina!  The state was beautiful.  The weather was fab.u.lousYou can buy wine in the grocery store.  The people were friendly (we decided that for Virginia to be considered a southern state, the people there sure do act like Yankees!  Not so for North Carolina) and I loved the way they talked!  I grew up in Arkansas and I've lived in Texas and Tennessee so you know I have me an axe-sent but the Carolinans have a different drawl.  I want to move there.  So far, however, my husband isn't on board.  Ass.

We had dinner at East Coast Wings in Greensboro.  I LOVE WINGS and these were good.  Even better than the wings?  Their ranch dressing!  It was so so so so so so so so good.  Like, I wish I could've taken home a bottle.  Or thirteen.
Kyan bonding with his cousin Katelyn -- I'm not 100% sure but I *think* this was the first time they met!

My cousin is the manager of a movie theater so we got free admission to Madagascar 3, much to the delight of one very excited five-year-old.  (The four-year-old was cool with it too).

Since going to a matinee runs at least $30 for our family - and that's before popcorn and drinks - a movie in the theater is a rare treat.  This just so happened to be Miss Kare Bear's first ever theater movie.

She lasted all of five minutes.  She wouldn't keep her glasses on and thought it would be more fun to try to climb under the chairs or run down the aisles than actually, you know, DO WHAT SHE WAS THERE FOR and watch the movie.  She and I hung out in the lobby for a while where she bonded with her cousin Austin (he's only one and was also not quite ready to experience the movie theater).

Next up: Wet 'n Wild!
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