Friday Things


1) A little peek at yesterday's Birthday Girl:

I like to call this one, "OMG, I'm another year older!"

I try to remember to take a photo of me with each of the kids on their birthdays.  Here's me and my girl over the past two years:

This also looks like a timeline of my hair.

2) So Kentucky won the national championship on Monday night.  (And a great big HELL YEAH to the Baylor women for Tuesday night's championship win!)  I'm an SEC girl so I was all about some Go Big Blue for Monday night's game.  I'm in Memphis though and, ya'll, people here HATE John Calipari.  The fact that he beat Kansas (the team that knocked out Memphis in the '08 championship game) seemed to make the bitter Memphians even MORE angry.  Sports fans are such an interesting species.

3) I converted over to the new Blogger format and I'm . . . not sure how to feel about it.  I've never been an obsessive state checker (I'm much more interesting in keywords people used to find my blog) and I hate that the stats for each post are RIGHT THERE IN MY FACE.  OMG.

4) Karis was doing little flips across the living room the other day.  Kyan said, "Look, Mommy!  She's doing her fantastics!"  I love that kid.

5) The city schools are out today.  They were out the week before last as well -- for Spring Break.  Today is obviously Good Friday and, obvs, the reason they're out of school.  Yet they're calling it their second Spring Break.  Please explain that one to me.

6) Eddie put a desktop computer in our kitchen this week.  I signed up for ABCMouse for the kids and so far we're totally loving it!  It seems a little beneath Jaidan but I figure it'll be a good refresher to get him ready for kindergarten.  I love living in an era of modern technology and being able to have things like this!

7) My favorite thing about blogging 16&Pregnant is getting comments from people who know the couple on the show (or act like they know the couple on the show). 

8) Jaidan asked me yesterday how babies are made. 

I am not ready for this.  I'm just not.

I want to be honest with him but I also don't want to freak him out.  I need to find a book I can read to him.  Suggestions welcomed, encouraged, and are currently being begged for.

9) Look what Kyan did yesterday!
The boy is fearless, ya'll.  Neither Jaidan or Zhariah wanted to jump but Kyan was all 'bout that!

10) I still haven't purchased Easter basket goodies.  Or dye for eggs.  Or even the eggs.  #slackermom
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