Thursday Things


1) Easter Baskets.  Gahhhh!  I don't understand why I absolutely love Christmas and playing the fat, jolly guy.  But when Easter rolls around, I dread playing the part of overgrown bunny.  I'm pretty sure this has something to do with having roughly 34848942 kids.  I mean, check out the spread when I only had one:

That's TWO baskets, a ton of candy that wouldn't fit in the baskets (note: the SIX MONTH OLD was not the one eating that candy.  #fatass), and a ride-on car thing.  Overboard, much?

These days, it's usually a trip to Dollar Tree to fill the Easter baskets (ONE for each child).  This year I'm thinking of going all theme-y and doing "summer."  Filling the baskets with things like bubbles and frisbees and water guns and sidewalk chalk.  What are you putting in your kids baskets?

2) Speaking of Easter . . . love this picture of my Bear with PawPaw last year.

I'm sad that we won't have PawPaw with us this Easter.  But I'm so glad for sweet little memories like this one.

By the way, my grandparents were married 60 years ago today.  They had 59 years, three kids, six grandchildren, and ten great grandchildren together.  Pretty awesome, huh?

3) Last thing about Easter -- WHERE are the coconut filled Hershey kisses?  They only come out at Easter and I haven't been able to find them this year.  THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.  Easter is my favorite candy holiday.  Cadbury eggs and Starburst jelly beans.  And we all know Reeses tastes better when they're in the shape of an egg (totally put one back at the grocery store yesterday when I realized how many calories were in ONE of those eggs).

4) We finally caught up with the times and got Netflix streaming.  Ya'll.  This is the best thing ever.  I feel like my DVR can be MINE again.  Right now it's full of Backyardigans and Jimmy Neutron and Super Why.  All of which also come on Netflix.  I will reclaim my DVR!

5) I think I'm going to start blogging 16&Pregnant again.  I totally missed this week's episode but that's pretty much par for the course when it comes to my 16&P blogs.

6) I loaded my cart with veggies at the grocery store yesterday.  If you know me then you know this is kinda huge.  I'm not a big fan of vegetables and, in the past, had to either force myself to eat them or rely heavily on canned green beans (still a huge fan of those, by the way).  But I'm getting better -- for my own health and because I want to set a good example for my kids.  Anyhow, I actually had an older lady compliment me!  I was throwing tomatoes and carrots and cauliflower into the cart and she said something like, "it's nice to see a young mother buying more than just junk for her kids."   Aww.  I guess maybe it was a good thing I couldn't find those Hershey kisses with coconut.

I happened to buy kale for the very first time.  I hadn't even heard of it until a few months ago.  We're going to try making kale chips to go with dinner tonight.  I'm going to put money on Jaidan being the only kid to try them . . .

7) My baby will be two a week from today!  I need somebody to hold me . . .

The boys and I went to Target yesterday to pick out gifts.  They had coupons come out with Sunday's paper so I was able to get a couple toys at half off.  SCORE!  The boys thought she had to have a La La Loopsy doll so I let them pick out one for her.  I love how much they love their baby sister.  Kyan told me the other day, "Mommy, I really love all babies but I love Kare Bear the best!  She's just the cutest!"  Everybody now: awwww.

8) It's still only March but my boys are already talking about Halloween costumes.  Jaidan says he's going to be a skeleton but Kyan has decided the whole family needs to dress up as Power Rangers (he called dibs on the Red Ranger).

9) Speaking of Power Rangers . . . the green Ranger is a hottie!  I totally googled him.

His name is Hector David, Jr and he is 22!  Legal!  He was also in a movie called #1 Cheerleader Camp that has a special "upskirt edition."  Oh, Hector.

10) This beautiful weather we're having makes me want to clean and clean and clean and make my house sparkle.  Unfortunately, the need to be outside soaking up the vitamin D generally overrides the desire to clean.  Then we have a gloomy, stormy day pop up and my desire to clean shifts to a desire to lay around.  Spring cleaning?  Pshaw.

Have a great Thursday!
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