It Happened This Week


Mannnnn.  I feel like this week kinda kicked me in the ass!  I feel like it's already Sunday again and I accomplished absolutely nothing.  Gotta love those kinda weeks.

It's an absolutely deliciously beautiful Sunday in the mid-South.  Kyan, Karis, and I have already done a three mile walk (and I realized when we got back that one of the crossbars on the bottom of my double stroller is broken.  Wahhh!  Kyan is almost four and is probably too old for a double stroller but as long as he would sit in this one then his butt was going to be in it.  But now it's falling apart and I'm thinking, since my "babies" are nearly two and four that purchasing another one wouldn't be the best financial decision.  Boo).  I'm thinking we're going to spend the remainder of the day soaking up the Sunday Sunshine.  And there will probably be ice cream involved as well . . .

A look at the week we just had:

Sunday 3/18:

Monday 3/19:

Tuesday 3/20:
Um, hello?  When did my baby get so BIG?

Wednesday 3/21:
My kids have California Brain.  Well, actually, they have Disney Brain. 
Also, I have something wrong with MY brain because it's actually DOUBLE digits until we leave and not single.  Doh.

Thursday 3/22:

Friday 3/23:
So we went to CiCi's Pizza for dinner the other night.  I kinda think eating CiCi's is a lot like eating a cardboard pizza but we have four kids and it's one of the few places where we can go, everyone can eat as much as they want, and it costs us less than 30 bucks.  ANYway.  We went Friday night and Eddie went to get my drink while I was piling plates for everybody.  I've been Coke-free for three months now.  He knows this.  He knows there's been Coke Zero in the fridge rather than regular old sugary Coca-Cola.  I call him Sgt. Sabotage though so I figured this would make no difference and he would fill my cup with Coke.  Well, GUESS WHAT.  He didn't!  He got me a Diet Coke!  Notsomuch of a fan of the DC but, ya know what, he TRIED this time.  It was like a total . . . moment.

Saturday 3/24:
I pretty much have a black thumb, can't really keep a plant alive, and have never tried any sort of garden.  Jaidan has been bugging me to plant seeds but honestly (and kind of embarrassingly) I had no idea where to even start.  I found these tiny strawberry plants in the dollar bins at Target and figured they would be a decent beginner plant.  We planted them yesterday.  Jaidan doesn't "get" the whole thing.  Either that or he's just being an '06 Asshole and expecting instant gratification.  Regardless, he doesn't seem to understand why he doesn't have strawberries yet.  I've tried to explain to him that we MIGHT not even get strawberries at all.  We'll see how this whole "gardening" thing goes . . .

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