Irritations: Spring 2012 Edition


I woke up this morning to a light rain.  The house phone rang before 7:30 and woke the baby up (and it was someone calling who KNEW they could potentially wake the baby up).  Kyan stole the last three or four bites of the first donut I have had in longer than I can remember.  I am not in a good mood.  And, therefore, I will share with you my list of Irritations: Spring 2012 Edition. Are you on the edge of your seat with excitement?  Thought so.

1) This pretty gnarly case of writer's block I have going on right now.  I have a ton of unfinished drafts because I just can't find the words to get them out right.  Also, I've only written two posts this week and they've both been lists.  So there ya go.

2) Sidewalk clutter.  I love to walk -- a good portion of the calories I burn in a day, I burn by walking.  And since I have small children and a husband who works long, crazy hours I almost always have to walk with kids in tow.  Which means pushing a double stroller.  Which means it's seriously irritating when people put crap all over their sidewalks.  Mostly, it's not even their fault.  The city is lazy about picking up "excess debris" and will let stacked up tree branches clutter a sidewalk for weeks before removing them.  Assholes.  But there are people down the road from me who did something to the sidewalk in front of their house so they filled the space with . . . sand.  Have you ever tried pushing a stroller through sand?  Impossible.  Have you ever tried pushing a stroller filled with two children around sand?  They kick it and get it in their shoes EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. no matter how much you threaten them that "iftheydoitthistimeSOHELPYOUGODtheywillregretit."

3) My hubs came home from work Tuesday morning (he was working nights) with "flu like symptoms."  Ya'll.  A sick man.  'Nuff said.  I was actually thinking the other day that I'd rather deal with about eight sick children than one sick man but then I remembered last fall when Jaidan and Kyan were doing that tag team projectile vomitting thing. 

4) This whole "if someone doesn't like me, they're just JEALOUS" mentality.  This is not a new irritation.  I get and understand and blah, blah, blah the rational behind "if someone doesn't like me, it's their problem."  Get it.  But you know what?  Sometimes people just don't like you because you're an asshole.  If you have a smokin' hot bod and are a raging beyotch, then people don't hate you because of you're body.  They hate you because you're a raging beyotch.

5) Women who use their weight as a weapon.  You know the type, right?  The ones who don't have any problem throwing around the number on the scale to make other women feel bad.  Those are some toxic bitches, ya'll. 

6) The amount of calories in ONE Cadbury egg.  I will wait and buy them after Easter.  The 50% off counts for the calories too, right?  RIGHT?

7) I've pretty much held my tongue about this whole Trayvon Martin/ George Zimmerman case but I gotta say this now.  You know what pisses me off?  When Zimmerman's attorney alleged that Martin "slammed his head" into the ground several times, TONS of people were saying that they just knew it.  They knew the dude did something to instigate.  I'm not even trying to turn this into anymore of a racial thing but let's look at it as a gender thing: if this asshole had been following a 17-year-old female of ANY race, she decided to defend herself, and he shot her -- seriously, what would people be thinking then?  Since he was following a 17-year-old boy and the boy fought back, it's okay that he was shot?  And, even more than that, it's okay that he was shot because he had an offensive Twitter handle, sent out nasty tweets, and was suspended from school?  Even if he was a little douchebag thug, he didn't deserve to die for it.  He was 17!  How many of us are the same people we were at 17?

8) My email was hacked earlier this week.  Everybody in my address book got a message about how much I hate myself.  What the what what?  Couldn't they have just out a link to some porn?  Sheesh.

9) Time.  In particular, how fast it's speeding by.

This precious girl will be two in less than a week!  On the one hand, I'm so happy to be done with the baby years and (hopefully) diapers will soon be a thing in the past.  I've been changing diapers for nearly six years now!  I've been buying diapers (sometimes for two children) for nearly six years!  I'm so over diapers.  But, on the other hand, we are done with the baby years.  These have been the fastest years of my life.  *Tear*
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