I think getting a new phone is a lot like "getting" a new man.  In the beginning, you can't get enough of each other.  Everything is hot and heavy.  He calls you beautiful and sends you flowers and is all, "Why in the world would I even want to go see Lebron play while he and the Heat are here in Memphis when, instead, I can go to the ballet with you."   Then, if you're anything like me, and 96.2543% of your relationships ended up going down in flames, you begin to wonder when the bottom is going to drop out.  When the new is going to wear off.  When the honeymoon is going to be over.

A new phone is kind of like that, no?  I mean, you absolutely love it at first.  You can't get enough of it.  You spend all your free time with it.  You abandon your (real) friends for a few more games of (words with) friends.  You're in loooooorve.  Then the battery life starts to wear.  Or it keeps force closing your favorite app.  Or the internet service slows.

I still remember getting a Blackberry for the first time.  Man, that was the shit.  I could get online!  It had a full keyboard!  It was soooo much better than the little slider that prefaced it or the Razr (yes, I had to have one and, yes, it was pink) that came before that slider.  And, oh man, it was light years ahead of the Nokia with the interchangeable faceplates.
Seriously, folks, you KNOW this was your first phone (or close to it).  If not, you're probably, like, 14, your first phone had a camera in it, you never sat through Titanic (twice!) in the theater, and you have no idea who Anastasia Beaverhausen is. 

ANYway.  I was in love with that stupid Blackberry.

Until my husband got a Droid.

Then, OMG, I had to have a Droid!  And I was in love with that Droid.  And probably still would be except the iPhone sauntered into my life and I haven't looked back since.  It's been nearly three months now since I "converted" and I'm still in love.

If the honeymoon phase is going to end soon, please don't tell me.  Also - can we all please to ignore whatever comes AFTER iPhone?  And can the iPhone 5 either suck or wait a couple years until my contract can be renewed to come out?  Kthanks.

Anyhow.  I love my phone.  We're total BFF's.  And one of my FAVORITE things about it is the ability to screenshot.  I know!  I have Siri.  I have iCloud.  And I'm writing a blog post centered around the ability to screenshot.  What can I say?  I'm easily impressed.  (See: above paragraph regarding new relationships).  Without screenshots, I wouldn't have the ability to post things like this:
^ This would be the conversation between me, ahem, I mean Blanca and my friend Mo while we were in New Orleans.  Texting under the influence of tequila.  That's what we've got here, folks.  (P.S. No one got naked.  No one forgot their panties).

Draw Something has provided all kinds of screenshot worthy images.

Is this one a penis?

Ohhhh, this one is DEFINITELY a penis.
Ten points to the first person who can guess what she's drawing here -- other than the obvious pee pee

And then there are, you know, the text conversations ABOUT what's been drawn in Draw Something.
For the record: Kira is Jewish and the word was "rapture."  I wrote "what Christians believe happens when Christ returns."

In summary:

I love my iPhone
I love taking screenshots
I love texting
And I LOVE Draw Something!

P.S. Totally unrelated -- as much as I love the longer days, DST has me all sorts of messed up.  How are we TWO HOURS behind?  And, also, it's made me incredibly lazy.  *Yawn*
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