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Well, hey there Daylight Savings Time!  How you doin'?

I love DST!  It means my little Rooster should start sleeping until a decent hour.  And by decent hour I mean anytime after 6:00 a.m.  Do you know how hard it is to keep your Lenten goal of getting up before your children to workout when they wander into your room, all bleary-eyed and demanding breakfast, at 5:10 am?  I'll tell ya -- it's impossible.  I welcome DST, with it's extra hour of darkness wherein I can yell to the offending child (and the offending child is always Kyan), "It's STILL the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.  Take your butt BACK TO THE BED!" 

For the record -- he was up at just after 7:00 this  morning.  Which, to my body, felt like just after 6:00.  But the clock said just after 7:00 and if he can keep this up . . . awwwww.  Bliss.

In other news -- it's consignment sale season here in my neck of the woods.  There is literally (at least) one of these "events specializing in gently used childrens clothing" happening every.single.weekend.  Are these such a Big Fat Deal in other parts of the country as they are in the mid-south?  For some reason, I cannot imagine the botoxed, uppity Connecticut suburb moms heading to the local elementary school cafeteria to root through last season's Gymboree, Janie and Jack, and smocked longalls.  P.S. I do not buy anything smocked.  Ever.  Ditto the longalls.
Anyhow.  I made it to my first "consignment event" of the season and was sorely disappointed.  I went in hoping to - expecting to - outfit the kids for the summer.  I came out with one pair of shorts for Jaidan and three dresses and two shirts for Karis.  Upside: I only spent $13. 

In the final piece of news before I get on with the pictures: it's officially Spring Break.  Which means I have an attitude-y tweenager added into the daily mix of this house.  Please send prayers.  And vodka.

A look at our week:

** Note: I've been so bad about using my camera lately!  I almost always use the camera on my phone which is why the pictures kind of suck.  I need to make it a point to start picking up the camera again.  I guess I'm just not as "in" to P3656 this year.

Sunday 3/4:
The 4's are gonna be the death of me, ya'll.  And he's not even quite four yet.
BUT.  With all the attitude - and with this new found  little skill called lying (grrr) - he's also becoming much more -- I'm not sure of the right word.  He's always been a happier kid than he comes across in his (often grumpy faced) pictures.  He's just quicker with the smiles these days.  And I LOVE it!  Maybe he's growing out of his Grumpy Old Man stage.

Monday 3/5:

Mom tip: The Children's Place has their sunglasses and flipflops two for $6! 

Tuesday 3/6:

Wednesday 3/7:

Thursday 3/8:

Only picture I took the whole day!  Grrr!  I hate it when that happens.
Karis is obsessed - OBSESSED - with shoes.  She spends 90% of the day bringing us socks and shoes to put on her.  Or just stuffing her feet in shoes without socks.  Seriously, peeps who might buy her something for her birthday, she wears a size 6 or 7.  Just sayin'.
P.S. What does it mean when my not-quite-two-year-old has 15 pairs of shoes (that fit)?  Hmm.

Friday 3/9:
We went to BWW for an early dinner Friday afternoon.  I ordered Kyan the mini corndogs, what he always gets.  The kid ended up eating nearly a full order of (Eddie's) wings.  Not only that, but he was gnawing on the bone of one of them.  Where did he learn THAT from?

Saturday 3/10:

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