Thursday Things


1) Dr. Google and I have collaborated to diagnose me with a sun allergy.  The diagnosis was first made back in the summer of 2009.  See, the first two or three times of the year I lay out or whenever I'm out in intense sun (such as that summer of '09 when we vacationed in Gulf Shores the hottest week of the year) I break out in little pink bumps.  When I lay out they're usually confined to just my arms.  That summer, though, I broke out over every inch of my body that was not covered by my bathing suitIt was sexy, lemme tell ya.  Late last week, we had 80 degree days.  I sat outside with the kids in shorts and a tank top and guess what?  Sun allergy reared its ugly head.  Ugh.  This is NOT cool for someone who LOVES being outside.

2) Did you know you can make fudge by mixing a bag of (melted) chocolate chips and a can of frosting?  I've done this twice -- once (thanks to something I found on Pinterest) using a bag of white chocolate chips and strawberry frosting.  The second time using peanut butter (tangent: I totally think peanut butter and ice cream should both be one word instead of two.  Peanutbutter and icecream.  Can I get an amen?) chips and chocolate frosting.  The strawberry fudge was disgusting.  Probably because strawberry frosting is disgusting.  I tried a second batch because, well, it was seriously easy and it did set.  The chocolate peanutbutter was good.  Nowhere near as good as my personal favorite fudge recipe.  But it was good enough for a random afternoon in March.

3) I'm kind of in love with Draw Something right now.  And I find it amazing just how horrific a person can draw when trying to do so with their finger on the screen of an iPhone.

4) Storme was in town this week.  Tuesday night, she and I went to On the Border to split a pitcher of margaritas and a couple platters of empenadas.  It makes me feel pathetically middle aged to have "our" seats at the bar at a chain restaurant in the suburbs.  This is what my life has become, ya'll!

Speaking of Storme, this picture makes me LOL:
The boys insisted on being in the pic.  We can all tell how Storme felt about that.

5) Who watched GCB the other night?  I thought the show was okay.  The basic premise reminds me a lot of the movie Hope Floats (Sandra Bullock plus Harry Connick Jr equals swoon).  Kristen Chenoweth makes the show.  Love her!  I thought it would've been better if they had placed it a small town rather than in Dallas.  And the "fat" character stuffing her face was kinda . . . meh.  Not a fan of that sort of thing. 

I know a lot of people were seriously offended by the show (after all GCB stands for Good Christian Bitches) but, come on, I think we ALL know someone who is just like every single one of those characters. How many people do we all know who don't go to church BECAUSE of the Good Christian Bitches?  Thought so.

6) "Celebration Season" kicks off in our house this month.  Our anniversary is the 21st.  Karis's birthday is April 5th, Kyan's is May 9th, Mine is May 19th, and Eddie's is June 17th.  And we also have Mother's Day and Father's Day thrown in there.  Anyway, this means Karis will be two in less than a month and Kyan turns four in two months.  Let me reiterate: KYAN TURNS FOUR.  Four year olds are easily the most difficult people on our planet.  And he's already forming that funky four year old attitude.  Who wants him?  I can deliver.

7) They took Moose and Zee off of Nick Jr!  They were, quite possibly, the only children's characters on TV that did not annoy the crap out of me.  And now they're gone.  Somebody pass me a tissue.

8) I have come to the conclusion that I would leave my husband for Jason Aldean's voice.

9) Want to guess when next school year starts?  Want to?  August 6th.  Thank you, school district, for taking a dump on the entire month of August.  I sincerely do not understand it.  The last day will be some time in mid-May (this year it's the 18th).  Which means kids will start school at the first of August when the high temperatures are generally triple digits, high 90's if not.  But they will get out in May when temps are in the 80's.  Gross.  Who wants to go to school when it's 104 degrees outside?  And who wants to go to the northeast the first week in August, not coming home until the 6th, and now won't be able to because her kid will be going to kindergarten?  Homeschooling is looking more and more favorable . . . well, you know, other than the whole looking forward to having one less kid in the house five days a week thing . . .

10) My favorite in the Willy Wonka meme is the Northface/ adventures one.  But this one --- I love!

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