It Happened This Week


Unfortunately, I'm not writing this post as a millionaire.  Boo.  We only bought one ticket because my husband was so sure we were throwing away money.

I hate it when he's right.

I didn't even want the BIG prize.  Okay, well, maybe I wanted it a little bit.  But I really just wanted that $250K second prize.  I'd be more than satisfied to pay off my house and take a vacation somewhere that required a passport!  All the big millions would do is turn my children into entitled asshole douchebags and ya'll?  I don't want to raise the next Lindsey Lohan.

Anyhow.  Since I didn't win the lottery, I had to hit up yard sales (which I would totally still do if I ever win the lottery.  Ditto the Goodwill.  The thrill of the hunt re: bargains just does it for me) and consignment sales yesterday.  Check this out:

Hahahahahaha.  Redneck moment!  I came upon a yard sale while on our morning walk and STOCKED UP (for $15!  Score!).  I made Kyan walk the rest of the way home and plunked all our bargains down in the stroller by Karis.  Eddie would've been mortified if he knew I was rolling through the neighborhood like this!

Yesterday afternoon, it was on to half price day at the local Duck Duck Goose sale.  Duck Duck Goose and Rhea Lana are my personal favorites of the consignment sales.  They're bigger named and it seems like just more people bring their stuff.  I snapped up all of this:

for just $56!  It was 27 outfits, one pair of jammies, one pair of shoes, three bathing suits (didn't realize until we got home that one of them is a size 7!  Oops!  Z picked it up and I thought it was adorable and neither of us bothered to check the size), and five bows.  I say I MADE OUT!

Anyway.  This week in Project 366 pics!

Sunday 3/25:
Believe it or not, this was the best picture I got all day.  :/

Monday 3/26:

Tuesday 3/27:

Wednesday 3/28:
Yeah, Wednesday was one of those crazy busy days.  I was glad I took this Instagram of mine and Kare Bear's flip flop tan lines because it was the ONLY pic I snapped of the whole day!

Thursday 3/29:

Friday 3/30:

Saturday 3/31:
This boy.
A lady told him yesterday that he was so handsome.  He responded, "I know, okay!  Gosh!"  Oh.Em.Gee.  Must be hard to be so good looking that you're offended when people remind you of it!  :/

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