Thursday Things


1)  I know there are people who say they like to find the "magic" in every day.

I am not one of those people.

Somedays there just is not any "magic" and I'm not going to knock myself out trying to create it.  So the every day . . . it's just every day.  But I do like to make a Big Fat Deal out of special(ish) ocassions.  I want my kids to be, like, 15 and roll their eyes while they tell their friends that their mom always makes green mashed potatoes on St. Patrick's Day and special pancakes on Groundhog Day.

This is part of the reason why we celebrated Mardi Gras on Tuesday!  (The other reason we celebrated?  Because it's fun!  And because I have a lot of beads laying around the house).  Well, we sorta celebrated.  No boob flashing or Hurricanes.  But we did make our first ever King Cake:

We also had red beans and rice for dinner.

And made masks:

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

2) So speaking of Mardi Gras . . .

I do not practice any branch of Christianity that observes Lent.  In fact, I'm Baptist.  Baptists don't give anything up because they don't believe in doing anything fun (well, other than eating).  But for several years now I've given up -- or tried to give up -- something on Lent just for the heck of it.  I've given up chocolate and caffeine and other things that I don't remember because I wasn't able to give them up for the entire six weeks.  This year . . . this year I am giving up *gasp* Pinterest!  I even deleted the app from my phone.  I'm not visiting the site at all.  40 days, 40 nights of absolutely no pinning.  How will THAT go?  We'll see.

I'm also dedicated to getting up early to work out at least five mornings a week.  This one isn't TOO MUCH of a sacrafice.  I did early morning work outs for most of January. I know I feel better when I do them.  Sometimes I just want that extra hour or so of sleep.  Ahhh.  That's what Saturdays are for.

3) This will probably solidify my status as dumbass but here goes: I did not realize, until recently, that Pandora has pre-set stations.  I know, right?  Dumbass.  Anyway, I'm sure it will pass and I'll grow tired of it but right now I'm head over heels for the 90's Pop station.  It's my high school days!  Right there in a radio station!  I love it.  Though I will admit that it irritates me that they play Cry Me a River.  Hello!  Everyone knows Justin wrote that song about Britney and they didn't break up until some time in the 00's.  Come on, Pandora.

Also -- boy bands were much better than my 19 year old self gave the credit for (shut up) and it's just a little bit embarrassing when my husband walks in and catches me rocking out to The Backstreet Boys.

4) At the risk of sounding like an old lady . . . I love Sears!  I always find the best deals there.  The other day I picked up a coat for Karis.  Regular price - $65.  I paid $9!
I bought a size 4.  She's in a 24 months/ 2T this winter.  I'm hoping she can get two winters out of the coat.  But even if she can't -- it was only $9!

5) One of the best and worst things about having a stepchild is that I get to see -- really see -- what the furture holds as far as my children.  Z is 11 (almost 12 she informed us the other day; her birthday isn't until September) and is in full on tweendom.  Which means I spend a lot of time wanting to pull my hair out and researching boarding schools for when my own three are that age.  Anyhow.  We had a "Girl Day" at the mall the other day.  HOLY CRAP, Y'ALL!  Stuff for preteen girls is so expensive!  We found earrings at Claire's that were, like, $25.  At Claire's!  I thought all that stuff was $4.99.  The thing is -- $25 is probably a good price for earrings.  UNLESS you are buying them for an 11 year old WHO LOSES EVERYTHING.  Seriously.  I'm not looking forward to my children being that age.  I don't think I can afford it.

6) I am kind of obsessed with stuffing different things in crescent rolls.  I had some left over from the King Cake we made on Tuesday.  I had seen the chocolate chips and marshmallows thing on Pinterest.  I had chocolate chips but no marshmallows.  So I decided to spray a little butter, then spread some brown sugar, added a few chocolate chips, and then rolled them up.  They were really good!

7) Blogging pet peeve: When people post "Wordless Wednesday" posts on Tuesday night.  It's not Wednesday yet!

8) I feel incomplete if I don't post about the weather.  It's supposed to be 75 today!  Hello, amazing!  I keep people saying they are "worried" what the summer has to hold if winter has been this mild.  I AM NOT WORRIED.  I CANNOT WAIT.  Bring on those triple digits!  I have an air conditioner!  I can stock up on my Mike's Hard Lemonade!  I can turn the water hose on myself if need be.  I am so ready for summer.  SO READY.

9) Who watches Parenthood?  Tuesday's episode was so . . . emotional.  I'm interested to see where they're going to go with Zoe's baby and Joel/ Julia.  I hope they wrap it up next week in the season finale but I'm kind of doubtful . . .

10)  I know this has been making the rounds on Facebook for a couple weeks now but HELLO.  Can I get a REAL TALK?
The only thing that would make it better would be a "What My Husband's Ex Wife Thinks I SHOULD Do" with a picture of me picking up her dry cleaning!  Ha!
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