Around 4:30 yesterday afternoon I told Eddie I just didn't feel like cooking.  It was Manwich, fries, and baked beans on the menu so the reality was I didn't feel like cleaning up.  We tossed around different ideas on what to do for dinner and ended up just having him make a run for the border.  (Does Taco Bell still use that phrase?  No?)  I LOVE the cheesy gordita crunch at Taco Bell.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them.  They only have them once a year which SUCKS because, like I said, I love them!  We stopped by Taco Bell on our way home from Nola and I ordered a couple of them but they gave me regular gorditas -- and not only that but they piled them with sour cream and lettuce.  Blechhh.  Last night I asked Eddie to pick up two of them for me.  He brought the food home and I literally inhaled the first gordita.  I know if you're a big time clean eater and blah blah blah then you find that disgusting.  But it had been a year since I had one and, mmmm, I hardly even tasted it.  Then I went to unwrap the second and . . . IT WAS A REGULAR GORDITA.  What is Taco Bell doing to me?  Hmph.  Maybe I'll actually get a chance to taste one next year.

Also yesterday evening: Karis refused to take a nap in the afternoon.  I changed her diaper on our bathroom floor (which happens to carpeted -- yes stupidest thing ever) and she fell asleep.  Mid-diaper change.  I was going to wake her up but Eddie was all, "Oh, leave her alone" and "just let her get a half hour."  Ugh.  If you're a mom then you already KNOW how that one ended -- 10:00 last night with a toddler laying between us in the bed babbling about puppies.

Final piece of Random: Who watches Parks and Rec?  I've said it before but I really do miss the days of Friends and Will and Grace on Thursday night Must See TV.  Oh, and My Name is Earl!  Remember Earl?  But NBC has a solid line-up these days and Thursday night is one night when my butt is firmly parked in front of the TV.  Parks and Rec cracks me UP.  Last night, Tom was considering breaking things off with Anne because of number three on his "oh no no" list: she didn't know her 90's Hip Hop.  HELLO!  That is SO me!  My husband is ten years older than me and, believe me, there are plenty of times I've had to give him the stink eye because he doesn't have the same emotional reaction to a song from the 90's that I have.  (Oh, and Tom realized Anne did not know her 90's Hip Hop because she didn't recognize a picture of Ginuwine -- and G sings one of my favorite.songs.ever).

A few Instagrams to show what we've been up to the past couple weeks:
A favorite from my trip -- that's me with my friend Dana.  Isn't she gorgeous?

Valentine gifts from the hubs

Valentine gift from my Bird
We had to put "pwee-ees" in Puppy's "hay-uh"

My boys
Eddie went to Indianapolis last weekend and I took this picture to send to him; I tried to take one of Karis but she was too busy to look at the phone.

Having a conversation with her puppy
This puppy -- I bought at JC Penney for $3 as a Christmas present.  $3 and it's her favorite.thing.ever.  She tries to feed it.  She takes it everywhere with her.  She calls to it.  "Mere, puppy!  Mere!"

Eddie came home from Indy with these

What we did on President's Day
Also, I asked Jaidan who the President was.  His answer?  "President . . . Kokomo!"  Hahahahaha.

This is what happens when you take Karis into a shoe store: she rips off her own shoe and starts putting other shoes on.
Also, can someone please tell me why I cannot find an athletic shoe that I like? 

Daffodils in February.  LOVE!

Me and my girl

It was sooooo crazy beautiful here yesterday.  The temp got up to 80 degrees.  Heaven!  Unfortunately, the wind was also crazy.  Not cool, wind!

Have a great weekend!  I have tentative plans to get my boys some haircuts and hit the clearance sales at the mall.  And I have a set in stone at home movie and pizza date with the most handsome five-year-old I know for Saturday night.
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