NOLA 2012: The Digs


Quickly, totally unrelated to the post, but I don't want to forget: yesterday afternoon I opened my computer while Karis sat right beside me.  This isn't something I do on the regular because she's known to pull off keys.  Turd.  Anyhow, the picture on my desktop is one of her with her brothers.  She let out a happy squeal when she saw it.  I asked her who each of the boys were, "At's Jaidan!"  "At's Ty Ty!"  Then I pointed to her and asked her who that was.  "At's Tare Bear!"  Awww.  She's never called herself by any name before ever.  It was one of those moments that no one in the world will think was as sweet as I thought it was.  It reminded me of when Jaidan used to think his name was "Day-Bud" because we called him Jaybird all.the.time. 

On with The Digs:

Our home-away-from-home for NOLA Weekend 2012 was a four bedroom apartment on top of what is being converted into a coffee shop.  The apartment was gorgeous and spacious and fit all 11 of us just perfectly.

Also, it was on Burgundy Street.  That's BurGUNdy.  Not Burgandy.  Burgandy is what you drink.  BurGUNdy is where you stay.
I slept (two out of the three nights) in the Marilyn room. 
Also, this is -- apparently -- my sexy look.  I feel sorry for my husband.

There was also an Audrey room in the house.  When faced with the choice between sleeping with Audry and sleeping with Marilyn, I had to go with Marilyn.  She was the bigger girl.  And I have a feeling she was more of the filthy girl as well.  ;)

Check out this cute little bathroom!
I want it in my house!

A blurry look at the kitchen.  How adorable is that old fashioned stove?

The dining area
One of those chairs gave me a splinter in my butt approxomately eight minutes after we arrived at the house.  The ower's son had been at the house to greet us when we arrived.  He was *fans self* and told us to call if we needed any assistance.  It took a great deal of debate as to whether or not spliter removal was included under that assitance.

A peek into one of the other bedrooms (this one also had an attached bathroom)

Cute little Dahlia on our cute little balcony.  Our balcony that kinda scared me because it sloped downwards.

All in all, we loved this house!  We loved where we stayed last year as well but this one was just a wee bit closer to the Quarter.  Good thing, too, since we walked a majority of the time!
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