Warning: do not look at this entry if you are on a diet.

Hands down, the best thing about New Orleans is the FOOD.  The second best is, of course, the slushy drinks.  But the food . . . oh.

Our first New Orleans Mouthgasm came courtesy of Mother's.

Becky and I split a John G with debris and a side of fries.

HEAVENLY.  It was so good, ya'll!  I wish I could find a sammich like that here in Memphis!  On second thought, maybe I don't.  Cause I'd be as big as a house.

Saturday's First Food Stop was Frank's.  I've said this before; I'll say it again.  You MUST go to Frank's if you're ever in New Orleans.

The four of us split a muffaletta (best muffaletta ever!), crawfish cakes in crawfish sauce, crab stuffed mushrooms, and a shrimp po' boy).  DELISH!  It was an absolutely wonderful meal.

Seriously, I'm salivating at my keyboard just THINKING about that muffaletta.  Mmmm.

My friend Casey did not make it to New Orleans with us this year.  But she did go last year and she did eat at Frank's with us.  And Casey, bless her heart, she got down and dirty with the po' boy she had.  Of course, someone had to reenact her love makin' with the po' boy:

Since we didn't eat too much *ahem* at Frank's, we headed over to the Market where we purchased an alligator sausage (on a stick!)  and some oysters creole from vendors. 

We knew the alligator sausage was good.  Ate enough of that last year.  The oysters were something new and only picked up because they were all out of soups -- including the crawfish bisque we'd been dreaming about for the past year.  Buuuuut.  The oysters were fanTAStic.  So good!

A little later in the afternoon, we headed down to the Old Nawlins Cookery (no website I could find for that one). 
Becky and I split a fried alligator po' boy (pictured above is just MY half!).  It was really good -- the meat was delicious and it had a yummy sauce on it.  However, it didn't hold a candle to the catfish etouffee that MoMo ordered.  Ummmagumma.  GET IN MY BELL-LAY. 

Technically that was my last meal of Saturday but before I went to bed that night I had a BBQ Bacon Burger from Yo Mama's.  (I also had a bite of Carly's Bacon PEANUT BUTTER burger -- interesting).  The burger was good.  It was too big to finish by myself.  They don't serve burgers with fries -- just baked potatoes.  I love a baked potato as much as the next person but come on.  A good greasy burger BEGS for good greasy fries.

For the life of me, I cannot remember the name of the place we ate at Sunday morning!  I think it had River in the name but don't quote me on that. 

I had a ragin' Cajun omelet.  The omelet in itself was pretty good but the "creole sauce" on top . . . meh.  It tasted like salsa mixed with marinara.  Not what I was expecting in the least.  It was served with grits.  I'm a bad southerner who doesn't like grits so these went untouched but I did throwdown on the garlic potatoes Kira ordered.  This was easily the worst meal we ate the whole trip -- and it was still decent!

We drank our lunch on Sunday and that evening it was Pat O's for one of my personal New Orleans favorites . . .
Fried Alligator!
By the way: Jaidan is snuggled up in bed next to me as I write this and said, "Oh, that looks good!  Can you make some for dinner tomorrow night!"
I told him it was alligator thinking that, you know, maybe he would "eww" and drop the subject.  I forgot this is the kid who has eaten calamari and oysters.  When that didn't deter him I told him we didn't have the meat to make it.
"Think maybe you can pick some up the next time you go to the grocery store?"
Uhhh.  Sure, son.  I'm sure every local Kroger and Walmart here in Memphis sells alligator!

Dana ordered us a little bit of bread pudding while at Pat O's.
I swear I can still taste this stuff in my dreams!

That concludes the food tour portion of this year's trip.  Here's hoping next year tastes just as delicious!
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