Thursday Things


1) I weighed in today, a day early, because one of my Favorite People is in town and I want Buffalo Wild Wings and wine tonight.  And possibly ice cream.  Chocolate ice cream with Pinnacle Whipped. Thoughts?  Anyway.  I'm down 1.8 pounds which brings my grand total to 7.8 pounds since January 1st.  All my holiday weight is GONE!

2) At dinner the other night I asked the boys what they wanted to be when they grew up.  Jaidan told me he wanted to be a firefighter.  No big surprise there.  I'm pretty sure every single five-year-old boy in the history of ever has aspired to be either a firefighter or a policeman.  When I asked him why he said, "to have one of those fire dogs with the spots, to be able to slide down a pole, and to help people."  Love those priorities, son.

Kyan also wants to help people (his words) but he wants to do it as . . . a knight.

Both boys weighed in on what Karis is going to be when she grows up.  Jaidan said a ballerina and Kyan said a princess.  Then a fight ensured over which was prettier.

3) Another reason I'll be glad January when is over?  Weight loss commercials.  I'm so tired of seeing Jennifer, Janet, and Mariah.

4) I've realized that my lazyness this January is not a result of the weather.  For the most part, the weather has been almost . . . well . . . perfect.  For January, anyway.  We have a really cold day here and there but mostly it's been pretty mild with most days in the 60's and even some 70's.  We were even able to spend the entire afternoon outside the other day!  I read somewhere that we're having this nice, mild January because it's a La Nina year.  Last year's craptastic weather was a result of El Nino.  So, in other words the boy causes everyone to feel miserable and disgusting.  ANYway.  The weather hasn't given me a case of the lazies . . . I just have vacationitis.  I have two weeks until I leave and I don't want to do anything but think about New Orleans and Nola related things and Nola food and Nola drinks.  Nola brain.

The other day I had a long list of things I planned on getting done.  Instead, I spent the day texting my friend Courtney with reasons she needs to go with us.
Did it work?  We'll see.

5) We've been able to walk several days a week.  On my Android phone, I had the CardioTrainer app.  I LOVED it.  I was able to turn it on when I set off on a walk and it would tell me how far I walked, how many calories I burned, that sort of thing.  I can't download it on my iPhone but I found a pedometer app that's okay.  I've been using it to monitor the number of calories I burn on a walk.

6) The boys got a little room re-do last week!  We didn't do much -- just hung pictures on the wall.  I know the days are limited - very, very limited - where Jaidan will be content with anything Disney Pixar being used to decorate his room.  So I wasn't ready to put a lot of time/ money into their room.  When he's ready for an "upgrade" Kyan is going to want it too since he wants anything Jaidan wants.  So, for now, their room looks like this:
Sidenote: I am so, so, so, so, SO incredibly sad that Picnik is going away.  What am I going to use for my collages?

7) I don't keep up with country radio.  I'm the only one in my house who appreciates country (unfortunately).  The boys like Zac Brown Band and Kyan still wants to rock out to Blake Shelton's Honey Bee (and by "rock out" I mean dance around the kitchen with me which, HELLO, I love).  The only time I really listen to country is on Pandora and that's not all the time.  So I realize this song may have been out for a while but I only discovered it a few weeks ago.  LOVE.
The first few times I heard it, I was very "wtf."  Ludacris on a country record?  LUDACRIS?  And Jason Aldean attempting something that's kind of like rapping?  But it's grown on me.  I like it.  I like it a lot.

8) Karis is in the stage where she picks 329849823 toys to take to bed with her.  The other night she took a water gun and a toy chainsaw.  Totally LOL'able.

9) I don't think there's anyway possible that I could be LESS excited about this year's Super Bowl.  Oh yay.  Tom Brady and the Patriots are going again.  Woo Hoo.  :/  At least there's a Manning in it.  Us SEC girls love our Mannings.

10) My current favorite ecard making the rounds on Pinterest:
Current favorite because HELLO.  MOST TRUE THING EVER.
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