They Ain't Pretty


My friend Jenn said the other day that crescent rolls are the bacon of refrigerated breads.  Has there EVER been a more truthful statement?

Crescent rolls.  They're where it's AT, y'all.

I had some crescent rolls on hand and decided to throw together something that we'll call jalapeno chicken packets the other night.  I came up with these ALL BY MYSELF.  Which probably means that everyone else is already making them and I just haven't happened to stumble across them on the internet (and by "the internet" I mean Pinterest) yet.  Like the chicken taco soup that I always claimed to be "my" recipe.  Now that we have Pinterest in our lives I know that EVERYONE makes chicken taco soup just exactly like I make it.  It's not "my" recipe.  It's the entire western world's recipe.
These jalapeno chicken packets . . . they are ugly.  And I don't have a fancy camera to try to make them look pretty.  But they were also absolutely delish.  Like, so good that I had to log on to one of my Facebook groups approxomately 2.6 seconds after I'd taken the last bite and tell everyone just how good they were.

They Ain't Pretty!

Here is what you need:
Crescent rolls (I used the reduced fat ones and guess what?  The calorie count is the same as the full fat ones.  Explain please).
Weight Watchers pepperjack cheese spread
Chicken, seasoned to your preference, grilled, and cubed (or you could just "pull a Brandi" and buy these)
Shredded Cheese (I used low fat cheddar but I think any kind will work -- and I wish I had some Mexican blend on hand)
Roll out crescent rolls.  Spread half a wedge of the pepperjack on each one.  Top with chicken (I used 1.5 ounces per two crescent rolls), jalapenos, and one tablespoon of shredded cheese.  Roll up and shape into a packet.  Bake at 375 for 15 minutes or until crescents are golden.

So simple . . . so ugly . . . so delicious. 

I served them with black beans and apple slices.  The entire meal (two crescent rolls - using a total of 1.5 ounces chicken, half a cup of black beans, half an apple) was only 485 calories.  The packets themselves are 165 calories each.

Next time I make them I'll shake things up and ADD SOME BACON. 

I leave you with this:

Chocolate icecream with whipped cream vodka
You should make one of these.  TODAY.
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