To say that I've been unmotivated - to do anything - the past few days would pretty much be the understatement of the century.  I have a bad case of vacationitis and honestly prefer not to do anything other than lay around daydreaming about things like crawfish bisque.  I tried to blame yesterday's lack of motivation on the fact that it was an incredibly beautiful day and wanted to just stay outside with my kids all.day.long (which we pretty much did).  But today it's pouring down rain and just plain nasty and I still have zero motivation.  Vacationitis. 

I feel as though I can't go THREE WHOLE DAYS without blogging so I'll pass on a few Instagrams from the past few days.  Aren't you, like, SO EXCITED?

Dude.  I was SO in love with yesterday.  The weather was just THAT wonderful. 

The boys think Hide and Seek is the Best Game Ever.  Kyan always - always - hides under some sort of blanket.  I sincerely hope the child never has to join the Witness Protection Program.  "They can't see me cause I can't see them!"

Yesterday's breakfast.
My husband is Captain Sabotage when it comes to me and weight loss.

Karis slept 12.5 hours the other night.  Which made her a Very Happy Girl.
This morning she was up before 7:00 and the first thing she said was, "I want you to feed me."

We had tornados bouncing all around us Sunday night (and everyone was freaking out and all "TORNADOS in JANUARY?  THE WORLD IS GOING TO END SOON."  The reaction to severe weaather is so much worse than the actual weather.  Also, we had tornado warnings in February last year -- I remember because my girls and I had to go hide out in the back room of Target -- and the world didn't end.  Soooo . . . )  Anyway.  Jaidan thought he had to get in bed with me because he was "sooooo scared."  Doesn't he look just freakin' TERRIFIED?

Lunch the other day was quesadillas -- football, puppy dog, and airplane quesadillas.
Kyan's airplanes were flying to Vegas.

I was making chili for dinner the other day.  Karis kept pulling stuff out of the pantry for me to add to it -- Spongebob Chicken Noodle, cranberry sauce, and cream of chicken soup?  Ewww.

Speaking of chili - I made Pioneer Woman's recipe a few months ago.  We liked it but I've tweaked it here and there until I feel like I have a super yummy chili recipe.  I half the ground chuck, double the beans, tomato sauce, and cumin.  Triple (sometimes more!) the chili powder.  I leave out the masa.  And I add onions.  What kind of chili recipe doesn't have onions?  This last time I made it, I diced up some jalapenos to put in my bowl.  OH EM GEE.  It was soooo good.  I had heartburn later (effin' A, haven't had heartburn in aaaaaages) but it was totally worth it.  Totally worth it.

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