Thursday Things


1) Yesterday morning, my house:

I have come to the realization that I live in the worst place on Earth.

High crime, the people here (mostly) suck, and now the weather is trying to kill me.  It is unfair to have 112* days in August and then snow four months later.

And, for the record, I would prefer the 112*. 

2) We elfed ourselves yesterday!

3) Things that suck: the battery charger for my laptop bit the dust.  Eddie and I have the same computer so I can easily use his charger.  Except he takes his computer and charger to work with him.  And he works 12 hours a day.  The thing that sucks the most is that Jaidan likes to play games on my computer when I work out in the afternoons and now he whines and carries on and . . . blah. 

4) We finished our Holiday To Do List yesterday:
Jaidan painted the little wooden stars and we put velcro on the back so that they'd stick to the felt.
The things on our list:
Make ornaments
Bake Christmas cookies
Watch Charlie Brown Christmas (done)
Watch Home Alone (recorded!)
Make reindeer food
Look at lights
Angel Tree (got the angel!)
Make fudge
Take pictures with Santa
Gingerbread house
Kiss under the mistletoe

5) I ordered my Christmas cards earlier in the week and they're supposed to be in by early next week.  Maybe this year I can actually get them sent out before Christmas.  It would be a true Christmas Miracle.  Believe me.

Speaking of Christmas cards, it's December 8th and we've received exactly ONE.  And it was from the guy who sold us our car!  Is everyone procrastinating?  Do people not send cards anymore?  Or does no one like us?

6) Speaking of ordering . . . I love living in the 21st century when so much Christmas shopping can be done online.  I ordered a few more gifts earlier this week.  I need to get one or two more things for my stepdaughter and a couple giftcards then I.AM.DONE.  Eddie is in charge of getting the kids' big gifts but I think he already has them picked out.  So we're really, really close to being completely done!  Now to wrap.  Fun.  :/

7) We put our tree up Friday afternoon.  By we  mean me and a grumpy 11-year-old, overexcited 5-year-old, bratty 3-year-old, and a 1-year-old who tried to play baseball with all the ornaments.  Five minutes into it and I was ready for a full BOTTLE of wine.  Luckily my cousin was in town and that night we went out for margaritas and Christmas shopping.

I feel old getting "hammerotic" (according to our bartender) at On the Border at 9:00 on a Friday night.  I'm pretty sure this means I'm middle aged.  Or close to it.
A kitchen guy, me, Bro-ski (the bartender)
Making friends when you go out is a sure way to get free drinks.

8) I do New Years Resolutions pretty much every year.  I'd been trying to come up with something for 2012 and just couldn't.  It's weird because for the first time in years - years! - I'm at a weight I'm happy at.  And I've given up all hope of ever having firm thighs or a flat stomach so those are off the table.  I eat healthy enough (*cough*) and the worst habit I have is Coke Zero.  Which I'm NOT giving up.

So what to resolve?

I'm going to FINALLY get this house decorated!  We've been here since October of 2009 and I have a picture hung in the kitchen and one over the fireplace and  And it's not like I don't have the stuff.  I do! I've just held off on hanging anything because I wanted to paint the walls first.  But, two years later, the walls aren't painted.  If they're going to be baby poop  yellow then they can at least be baby poop yellow with stuff on them.

9) Football Talk:  I hate the BCS.  I hate that a team can end up #6 in the standings and not go to a BCS bowl but teams like Clemson and Virginia Tech can based on the conference they were in or the fact that their fans travel well.  Oh well.  We could do worse than the Cotton Bowl.  At least it's not the Kotex Bowl (which, given some of these sponsorships, it won't be long).

Also -- RG3 for Heisman!


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