Thursday Things


1) TEXAS RANGERS, BAYBAY!  Tonight.  They win it all.

2) Can someone please tell me where the heck the month of October has gone?  I mean, really.  I should not be purchasing Halloween costumes.  I should be getting ready for the 4th of July, people. 

3) Speaking of Halloween, let's talk about a three year old and the costume selection process.  First it was Jessie (and in Cowgirl Jessie, as in Toy Story 2 & 3, as in Daddy was all "um, no, nuh-uh, not even)."  Then it was Woody.  Then Green Lantern.  Then a pirate.  Then I dug out all the pirate costume stuff from when Jaidan was a pirate a couple years ago and Kikey was all, "I am not wearing that!"  (WTF?)  Then it was Buzz Lightyear in the too-small-stained-in-places-one-of-the-sleeves-is-unraveling costume I bought at a yard sale.  Then it was Woody.  Then it was Buzz Lightyear.  We're going tonight to pick out a costume. Please pray for all of us.  This might not be pretty.

4) My stepdaughter, age 11, is deep in the throes of tweendom and being embarrassed by anything her parents, or a parental type figure, does.  She told me that adults should not dress up for Halloween which sorta made me want to thump her.  Hard.  I love dressing up and I kinda miss the pre-kid days when Halloween meant a club or a party and an excuse to look slutty.
I weigh about 20ish pounds less now but, damn, that body was so much nicer!  And firmer.  And nothing really jiggled. 
ANYway.  I pick Z up from cheerleading on Mondays and I'm seriously considering going next week in costume. 

5) Two months from now Christmas will be completely over and there will be toys ALL OVER my house. 

6) I love all the food involved with this time of year.  Oh man.  Fudge and peppermint bark and sausage balls and turkey and cranberry sauce and . . . I could go on and on.  Last year, I gained about 10 pounds or so between Halloween and Christmas.  I refuse to not enjoy my favorite food time of the year.  But I also don't want to spend all of January eating like a bird so that I won't be a Fat Ass when I go to NOLA in February.  So I'm working out twice a day.  Blah.  If I could have any super power, it would not be flying or x-ray vision.  It would totally be a super fast metabolism.

7) An '06 Asshole doesn't stop being an '06 Asshole just because he turns five.  Just sayin'.

8) I will be so sad when my baby no longer says "shay-shoo" instead of "thank you."  Also, her newest word is "money."

9) Monsters, Inc, Hocus Pocus, Mostly Ghostly,The Little Vampire, Teen Witch, Teen Wolf, Casper.  We have already watched them or have plans to watch them all in the next few days.  Can someone please tell me, though, why Ghostbusters isn't coming on until November?  What the?  I really wanted to introduce Jaidan to the magic of the marshmallow man and friends.

10) I bought the most delicious smelling candle at Walmart . . . for a buck!  It makes me whole house smell delish and in no time at all.  Mmmm. 

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