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You know the poem Babies Don't Keep by Ruth Hulbert Hamilton?

The cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow,
But children grow up, as I've learned to my sorrow.
So quiet down cobwebs; Dust go to sleep!
I'm rocking my baby and baies don't keep.

That's my motto.

When it comes to cleaning my house anyway.

My house is pretty much always clean - on the surface.  There are toys strewn around because I have small children but it's nothing that a five minute sweep through can't take care of.  Yes, we keep it pretty surface clean.  But please don't look any further than the surface.  You'll probably find a cobweb or two.  And dust - oh, lots of dust (my house breeds it).  But I would rather do a craft project with my boys or snuggle with my baby girl than scrub my baseboards or organize a closet.

I've been pinning various household hints and never tried a single one of them.  Until this week.  I'm pretty proud of myself for finally trying some of them out.
Household Tips:

Cleaning a Glass Top Stove - Ya'll.  I'm not going to lie.  My stove was NAS-TAY.  Those little glass top stoves are nice and all but they are boogers to keep clean.  So I decided to try this.  It worked pretty decent.  The baking soda did leave a weird film on my stove but it wiped off just fine with a damp rag. 

Cleaning a Ceiling Fan with a Pillowcase - Funny Story.  We took the kids to Buffalo Wild Wings Sunday night.  They were given balloons -- the strings were pretty short.  One of the kids let go of a balloon in our room.  We couldn't reach it and didn't think anything about it.  Until about 1:00 in the morning when it got caught in the ceiling fan and we thought someone was opening up machine gun fire on us!  Bam, bam, bam, bam, POP!  The next morning, I observed the carnage and realized that the balloon had caused quite a bit of dust to fall off the fan.  The fan was even NAS-TAY-ER than my stove!  So I decided to give this little trick a try.  Nice that all the dust went into the pillow case instread of flying all over the room.  Will definitely keep this one.

Vanilla Extract to Clean the Microwave - One of the first fights Eddie and I ever got into was over the microwave!  I wish I could think to just wipe it down everytime after I use it.  Of course, I don't and there's caked up crap all over it.  So I gave this little trick a try.  Ummm . . . no.  Didn't work.  I guess I was expecting everything just to wipe right off but I had to, you know, use some elbow grease and, like, scrub.  I'm much to delicate to scrub.


Easy S'more Bars - Best recipe I've made from Pinterest thus far.  These were SO easy and SO good.  They were still good when they cooled but not as good.  I would definitely eat them warm.  This is how my girl acted when she finished hers and I wouldn't give her another:

Cheddar Ritz Chicken - If I were to grade this dish, I'd give it a solid C.  It was okay with a side of meh.  It was hard to get the cheese to stick to the chicken.  The sauce was basically just trumped up cream of chicken soup.  It was just . . . okay.  Probably will not make this one again but, if I do, I'll make a cheese sauce to top it with.

Baked Club Pinwheels - This is a Plain Chicken recipe so you know it's good.  Simple as that.  Little story about the night I made these: I fixed them to go with potato soup.  My husband will not eat a meal that doesn't contain meat.  EVERY MEAL MUST HAVE MEAT.  I discovered this early in our relationship when I fixed cheese tortellini for dinner one night and he added SAUSAGE to it.  And not like Italian sausage.  *Harf*  So, I have the soup in the crockpot the other night.  He comes in and gives it a stir and says, "So we're not having any meat with dinner tonight."  I told him I was making club sandwiches.  Well, ya'll, apparently turkey, ham, roast beef, and BACON don't count as meat.  *Rolls eyes*  He bitched.  He complained.  He told me he was going to the store to buy some canned chicken to ruin my soup with.  Then I pulled the sandwiches out of the oven and the angels started singing.  They were sooo good.  Eddie thought they would be better for breakfast but he also thought that they - combined with the soup (which he thought was the best potato soup ever) - were plenty filling that he didn't need any "real" meat.

Bakin' Bacon - I made bacon in the oven!  And it was delicious.  I went with the 375 for 20 minutes way.  It was delicious and just the right crispiness.  Will definitely - definitely - be doing this again.

Kid Food:
I  made peanutbutter banana burritos for the boys for lunch one day:
I promise there's a banana in there!

They were a hit!  Kyan can be very, very weird about food but even HE ate the whole thing.  He pulled the banana out and ate it first.  Then licked all the peanutbutter off the tortilla.  Then ate the tortilla.  Silly kid.

Yesterday for lunch we had these turkey sandwiches. Now, the original pin looks MUCH cuter but I liked the way mine turned out too:
They ate them with pretzels (and that pretzel marshmallow thing is supposed to be the Mayflower) and turkey toes.

Artsy Craftsy:

Maybe it was the weather turning [much] cooler the end of the week, but I got in full on scarf making mode!  I made a t-shirt scarf for Karis (it was a tester -- I'm going to make red and white ones for both me and her):
If you can't tell, my model wasn't exactly feeling the whole photo session thing!
And I made myself an infinity scarf.  I think it's cute -- and it was the easiest thing EVER to make.  It could have turned out longer (I used an old size L spaghetti strap tank to make it -- next time I will get a man's XL or XXL to make a longer one).  I'm just not sure I'm a scarf person!  I want to be but I am . . . fashion challanged.

Kid Stuff:
Apparently I forgot to take a pic of the turkeys and I'm too lazy to do so now!

I'll end with this one:
Oh, they do.

And THIS Arkansas Girl is really hoping her Razorbacks aren't looking forward to next week and get tripped up by Mississippi State today.  OSU lost last night so if we make it past MSU (and we SHOULD) then we're in the Top Five!  Woo Pig!

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