The First Thanksgiving


As told by a five-year-old and illustrated (in part) by his three-year-old brother.

The First Thanksgiving:
The pilgrims came to the New World on a Mayflower.

They came to eat food.

The pilgrims talked to a turkey and then they ate the turkey.

They ate turkey with the Indians.

Another word for Indians is Native of Americans.

They also ate corn and made farms.

Notes from Mom:

1) I swear I told him they came to the New World for religious freedom.  It figures that it would be my kid who goes straight to the "food" part of the holiday.

2) I wasn't sure how politically correct to be with this story.  Therefore we used the terms Indian and Native American.  Are Native Americans offended by the term "Indian?"  I'm asking with sincerity. 

3) Political correctness aside, I obviously gave the watered down preK version of the story with no, you know, slaughter and all that business.  Let's let the history teachers handle that in fifth or sixth grade, uhkay now?

4) Who wants to come and scrub my chair rail?
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