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A couple weeks ago, after we beat a then #9 South Carolina and LSU came out on top of Alabama, I declared it to be the best day ever in college football.  If that was the best day ever then the past couple days have been the best weekend ever in college football.  If you're not a football fan, you are probably rolling your eyes.   If you are a football fan then you'll wanna punch the BCS in the babymaker (for merely existing and not giving us a REAL playoff system).  Here's the deal.  Before games started being played for the week, these were the standings:

1) LSU
2) Oklahoma State
3) Alabama
4) Oregon
5) Oklahoma
6) Arkansas


Friday night Oklahoma State lost. Last night Oregon was knocked off by USC.  I ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY HATE USC.  This was the one - and only - time I was actually cheering for them.  Of course, in the final seconds of the game when Oregon had the ball on the 23-yard-line and was preparing to kick a field goal to tie the game and sent it to overtime I was yelling to my husband, "SEE?  I TOLD YOU!  USC IS COMPLETELY USELESS.  COMPLETELY.  USELESS."  However, the Most Hated Person in Oregon Right Now (that kicker) missed the field goal and USC won by three.  Thank you, Trojans, and bless your hearts.

So, Oklahoma State was handed a loss.  Oregon lost their second game of the season.

Then.  Oh, then.  BAYLOR BEAT OKLAHOMA.  For the first time in school history!  I went to Baylor, ya'll!!  <=== I just had to say that, even though the football team won, like, a combined total of two games the entire time I was enrolled as a student there.

So Oklahoma State, Oregon, and Oklahoma all lost.  Which means . . . if (and this is a BIG IF) Arkansas finally gets the respect they deserve, my HOGS should be at #3 when the rankings come out this evening.  Eddie doesn't think they'll jump Oklahoma State but I think it's just not fair if they don't.  Arkansas only has one loss and it's to Alabama.  OK State's loss is to unranked Iowa State.  Arkansas should be #3!

Okay, I'm done with football talk.  Really, I am.  I promise.

This next week is shaping up to be a crazy busy one.  I thought I'd just lay around today and do nothing - you know, to prepare and all for the upcoming onslaught of insanity.  But there are kitchen floors to be mopped, dishes to be washed, children to be entertained.  There's no such thinig as a mental health day in da motherhood.

Here's a look at our week:

Sunday 11/13:
This is on Pinterest as something slightly different.  Jaidan saw it the other day and told me he wanted to make it.  When I tried doing it the way it was done in the pin, he told me I was doing it wrong.  He really just wanted to use it as a "maze" for his cars so we taped old aluminum foil boxes to the top of a big box and - voila! - he was occupied for a long ass time.

Monday 11/14:

Tuesday 11/14:
Zhariah had a math project that involved cooking.  So she made dinner Tuesday night.  And yesterday I made her Powerpoint for her project.  Here's hoping "she" gets a good grade on that project!

Wednesday 11/16:

Thursday 11/17:

Friday 11/18:
I also like to title this one: That's my girl!

Saturday 11/19:

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