What Instagram and My Phone Say We've Been up to Lately


So I've really been phoning it in on this blog thing lately and guess what?  Today doesn't get any better!  One of these days the weather will warm up, my mojo will come back, and I'll feel like doing a little more than just laying around eating chocolate chip cookie dough and crying over the fact that this season of Parenthood is over.  In the meantime, a look at what Instagram and my phone say we've been up to lately.

Jaidan's behavior chart at school.  Not only was he forging my initials when he DID GOOD but, man, did he nail it or what?  I still have so much to teach that boy . . .
Horrible, awful, no good, very bad horse faced picture of Yours Truly but who can resist a toddler throwing up gang signs?  
The kiddos and I went to Arkansas for the long weekend.  Pawpaw's birthday was Friday so Saturday morning, I had to go by and wish him a happy (belated) birthday. 
If you happen to know my Pawpaw, then you know this stone is so absolutely perfect for him.  At the risk of sounding a little weird -- it makes me happy.  Even though he is gone and we miss him, it's nice (I guess?) that we have such a "Pawpaw" marker for him.
Mawmaw put the brats to work!
I TOLD Eddie I wanted to get her a dollhouse for Christmas!
We met up with a couple of my high school besties while we were in town.  Shanna and me with our mini's!
Between the three of us we have two six-year-olds, three four-year-olds, one two-year-old, and a newborn!
This little gem is hanging in one of the guest rooms of my grandmother's house.
It was the 80's.  'Nuff said.
These cookies remind me SO MUCH of high school.  It seems like every teacher I had bought Ed's Bakery smiley face cookies for a treat from time to time.  I had to pick some up while I was in town.  And was . . . so disappointed!  They tasted like they'd been in the case since 1996!
Stopped at Burger King on the way  home and Karis crowned Kikey a princess.
She has also taken to telling them they're "quibby" which is Karis speak for pretty.  The other day Jaidan told me I needed to start telling Kare Bear she's "handsome" so she'll quit referring to him as quibby . . .
I forgot my sunglasses yesterday morning and had to run back in the house to get them.  When I came back out . . . this.  Sigh.
Jaidan "bear-walked" arond the entire gym during PE yesterday.  Apparently, this is a pretty big deal -- something that even some fifth graders aren't able to do.  The PE coaches, his class, and his teacher were all really proud of him.  His teacher sent home this note.  Jaidan was SO PROUD of himself.  I was pretty proud of the little guy too!
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