Thursday Things


1) Five Guys Burgers.

We went there on a trip to Savannah back in 2011.  I was sick, though, and could not taste so much as a single bite of the burger I ordered.  My family, the assholes, mmmm'd and ahhhh'd and pretty much went all about their business of letting me know that the burgers were amazing.  We had one open in town several months ago and I wanted to check it out but HOLY LINES, BATMAN. 

I fnally went last week.  It's now my new favorite chain burger place. Thank you, Five Guys, for coming to Memphis!

2) We had a "winter weather event" in the mid-south the beginning of the week.  Basically that means one thing: ice.  Did you know, in this part of the country, they release schools when there's a winter storm warning?  As in, nothing has to actually fall from the sky before they release them?  Yeah, both Jaidan and Z had an early release on Tuesday -- and we were informed of the release before there was even any precip at all.  Fun stuff.  We ended up with some freezing rain and slick roads and, OMG, is it summer yet?

Anyhow, someone posted this on Facebook and, yeah, SO TRUE.

3) I'm kind of in love with the ibotta app.  You've probably already heard of it -- it's been all over the couponing blogs for a few weeks now.  Basically, it has different stuff for you to check out on the app -- read some trivia or a recipe, share on Facebook, etc -- each thing earns you a little bit of money (think a quarter) but it adds up.  After you go shopping, you send a picture of your receipt and you get the money for anything you bought that you browsed through on the ibotta app.  It's pretty cool.  I made about $4 yesterday just getting stuff I'd normally buy.  (Note: if you sign up through the link in this paragraph then I think I get, like, $1 the first time you use the app).

4) My little '06 Asshole received - for the second quarter in a row! - an award for excellent conduct.  I'm still trying to figure out how this kid can have absolutely perfect behavior at school and come home a full blow asshole.  At least he's good at school.  The kindergarten teachers already smile fondly at Kyan and I can only imagine them thinking they wouldn't mind having him in their class next year.  Keep on thinkin' that, kindergarten teachers.  Keep on thinkin' that.

Anyway, J and I went to Pizza Hut after school yesterday to celebrate his accomplishment.  I am super proud of this goofy kid.

5) A week, maybe two, ago I said something about NBC finally realizing that we the people love Parenthood and want more of us and were giving us what we want.  Yeah.  About that.  The season finale is next week.  Next week!  January!  F word, f word, f word!

6) I'm trying very hard to keep up with the random acts of kindness the kids and I were doing over the holidays, inspired by the #26acts campaign.  One thing that I've discovered is there are little acts of kindness that we probably never thought of before.  For instance: school drop off.  It can be a NIGHTMARE.  There is a steady stream of traffic and hard for anyone who parks in front of the school to get out.  I've made it a point to allow one or two people to get out.  It doesn't take much of anything away from me and I KNOW it's a relief to the person I'm showing that little RAK to.

7) I totally have a girl crush on Lena Dunham.  Girl crushing on her now (when everyone else is girl crushing on her) goes against everything I believe in.  But I can't help it.  She's edgy.  She pushes the envelope.  And girlfriend does not care that her body goes against everything Hollywood stands for. You go, Lena.

8) Words of the week are conspiracy and theory.  One of them (you can probably guess which one!) makes me want to punch baby bunnies every.single.time I see it posted on Facebook with an "OMG!"  The other one, the theory that Manti Te'o completely fabricated the story of his grandmother and girlfriend dying within hours of each other -- well, all I know is I love a good conspiracy theory when it leaves me unsure of whether to make a joke about Mormons or Notre Dame.  I have friends who are Mormon, though, so I'll go with the *insert your Notre Dame joke here* instead.  Really, though, Te'o?  REALLY?  Come on, dude.  I'll give you this much -- there's no telling how many people got wasted taking a shot every time your little story was mentioned during a Notre Dame game. 

9) Kyan, Karis, and I went to play at McDonald's yesterday morning.  Well, Kyan played.  Regina George refuses to deign herself to play with the commoners.  Instead, she commandeered my iPad.  I looked over and saw this:


If that doesn't say "she's my girl" then I don't know what does.

10) I usually like to add something funny ha ha at the end of my Thursday list but today I'm loving this:
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