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NKOTB plus Boyz II Men (!!!!!!) plus 98 Degrees?  In concert?  TOGETHER?  Yes please and thank you very much. 

I'm already planning to make my way to Chicago for the concert there.  I've informed my girl MoMo that she's going with me and we WILL be wearing NKOTB t-shirts.  Say it with me now: "Squeeeee!"

2) So, let's talk about my daughter and the fact that she has, as of late, become infatuated with horses.  That's all good and stuff, I guess, but she leaves off the last few letters of the word when she talks about horses.  Meaning, she talks about "whores."  "My whore jammies!' "I see a whore!" And, yes, she even climbs on my back and yells, "Giddy-up, whore!"  Fun times, y'all.  Fun. Times.

3) Tuesday night's season finale of Parenthood.  Let's discuss.  First off, Lauren Graham is one of the most amazing actors of a generation.  Loved her as Lorelai Gilmore and possibly love her even more as Sarah Braverman.  She is just so REAL and totally becomes her character.  Love her.

Now.  I absolutely love Parenthood but I was a little disappointed in Tuesday night's show.  P'hood is not ever known for a nice wrap up.  They don't just make it all work out at the end of the hour long show.  But this time . . . for the most part, everything just wrapped up nicely.  And THAT makes me worry that they won't be bringing it back next season.

And that?  Y'all.  I don't even want to THINK about it.  At least when they took Friends off the air we knew it was the last episode and we were able to have parties with Friends trivia and shots of vodka to numb the pain a little bit.  I said a little bit.

4) Sometimes . . . occasionally . . . my commitment to my DVR becomes a little overwhelming.  I mean, here it is already Thursday again and I still haven't watched last week's Parks and Rec OR The Office.  And I still have to find time to watch the latest episode of Girls.  Yeah, totally realize that's only three shows.  Ignore me.

5) Kyan and Karis absolutely LOVE the movie Madagascar 3 and want to watch it every single time we get in the car.  Never mind if we're just running up the road!  Gotta watch "Gas Car!"  Thing is, neither of them will wear headphones.  Which means I've heard Madagascar 3 roughly 29034290 times but never actually watched the entire thing.  I can quote it word for word.  And I've decided that Alex (Ben Stiller) has a sexy voice.  Also? "Bring me your huddled masses, baby!" "Only penguins and people can drive!" "Bolshevic!" "I'm like a candy cane in a black and white movie!"  I'll stop now.

6) Eddie likes to rent cars when we go out of town.  A little bit because he just likes to rent cars and also because our vehicles have mileage warranties on them.  He rented me a brand spankin' new Chrysler 300 to take to Arkansas last weekend.  And now?  I WANT.  I never would've looked twice at that car but, ahhhh, the features.  A heated steering wheel!  Cup holders that'll either heat or cool, whichever you prefer.  Yeah.  Again - WANT.

7) We filed our taxes yesterday.  That, my friends, is just exactly how exciting life gets 'round these parts in January.

8) The school system Jaidan goes to (and where Kyan will go next year!) released their proposed caendar for next school year.  The kids will start the first of August and go until right before Memorial Day.  I'm not happy with this.  I'd rather them start mid-August and go to the very end of May -- and maybe not have so many days off during the actual school year (i.e. they don't need a full week for Fall Break -- HELLO!  Fall Break didn't even exsist when I was a kid -- and do they really need off for President's Day and Veteran's Day?  And, here's an idea!  Maybe they should make Spring Break fall the same week as Easter so they already have Good Friday off).  I'm just saying.  The school really should consult ME about things like this.  Right?  Right.

9) How my marriage works:
Him: "You know how you're leaving for New York on our anniversary?"
Me; "Yeah."
Him: "NBA All Star game is the weekend after Valentine's Day.  It would make a lot more sense if I left on Thursday . . . which is Valentine's Day . . . "
Me: "Let's celebrate on Wednesday."
Him: "Deal!"

10) That's right:

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