Very Few Things in Life are Sweeter than Notre Dame Being Embarrassed (by the SEC!) on National TV. This Entry? Not One of Those Things.


I really have nothing to write about today but I couldn't pass up a chance to throw in a dig at Notre Dame in my title.

If you know college football then odds are good that the only thing that surprised you about last night's game was Brent Musberger basically ahem'ing himself over AJ McCarron's girlfriend.  (Really, Musberger?  Gross).  Notre Dame is notoriously overrated and this year was no different.  The only thing that surprised me about the game was the point spread.  That it wasn't larger

The past two Tuesdays I've been stuck in the frame of mind that it's actually Wednesday.  Not cool.  Not cool at all.  Especially considering the only good thing about this Tuesday is that there's (another!) new episode of Parenthood.  It's like NBC finally realized what the the rest of America has known all along (that P'hood is all kinds of fabulous) and had decided to give us more than eight new episodes a season.  About time!

This Tuesday sucks more than last Tuesday because . . .


I had her about 80% trained before I went to Vegas a few months ago but then no one worked with her while I was gone.  And I guess she wasn't really ready because she didn't so much as initiate or try to go on her own.

But now.  NOW.  Three months from her third birthday -- SHE WILL BE TRAINED. 

We have a tiny potty, lots of lemonade, plent of M&M's, the promise of anything she wants from the Disney Store and we're going to kick this thing in the tush.  Oh yes we are.  She's currently telling me she wants a diaper and, twice now, has kicked down the lid of the potty.  But, guess what homey? I've done this twice* before.  I'm not backing down.  I WILL WIN.  (Please don't let those be famous last words, please don't let those be famous last words, please don't let those be famous last words).

* Yeah, okay so ONCE.  The first time I got lucky and he pretty much trained himself.  I kind of hold a grudge over that, though, because the second and third ones haven't been so nice and COME ON, it's totally the job of the first kid to prepare you for anything the subsequent ones may throw your way.

Now.  So as for this entry to not be ALL about potty training (yeah, totally being THAT blogger.  Sorry for those of you who don't have kids.  Keep those legs closed, girls!) I'll leave you with this little gem.  Jaidan's punishment for "it's all your fault!!!"'ing his brother one too many times last week was to write sentences.  Yeah.  Way to go on that first sentence, Buddy.

"I don't like Kyan" for those who don't read Kindergarten
He ended up writing ten things he likes about his brother.  WINNING.

Have a totally fabulous Tuesday!  I'm off to bribe a kid to sit on the potty, start making a lasagna, and continue laundry.  Admit it: you're totally jealous of this fabulous life I lead!

P.S. I'm sorry if you're a Notre Dame fan and I offended you.  No.  Wait.  I'm just sorry if you're a Notre Dame fan.  :/
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