Okay, Men, Divert Your Eyes. I'm Going to Talk about Girl Stuff. Like Tubal Ligations and Periods.


I have serious doubts that anyone with a penis actually reads this blog but a disclaimer is always nice, right?  Good.  Cause here's another one: this entry might be a little bit on the TMI side of things.  HOWEVER.  After a discussion on Facebook yesterday, I decided that it's something that needs to be talked about.  When I had my tubes tied there was no one to say, "OMG, DON'T DO IT." 

So.  If you're considering getting your tubes tied: OMG, DON'T DO IT.

I had mine done following my c-section with Karis.  We knew we didn't want to have anymore  children and, really, it was a no-brainer.  I was already going to be having surgery so we'd knock out two birds with one stone.  I didn't really research the procedure.  I only had one person tell me that she had period problems after and, honestly, I thought a little more frequent/ heavier periods would be worth the reassurance of permanent birth control.

What I did not realize, did not know, was that having a tubal ligation would make me CRAY CRAY.

Thing is, one of the (many) afflictions of being female is that as soon as you mess with anything below the belt, you're pretty much just asking for your hormones to go berserk.  I blame that bitch Eve.

I have "PMS" for two weeks out of every month.  I have symptoms when I ovulate and again before/ during my period.  And when I say "symptoms" I mean I'm either homicidal bitch or depressed bitch.  The "raging anger" usually hits hardest around the time I ovulate.  Every little thing pisses me off.  I'm on the warpath.  You don't want to get in my way.  I could go on and on.  You get the picture: I am ANGRY.  If I'm not feeling homicidal, I'm sad.  So sad.  About anything and everything.  I cry over nothing and I cry about everything.  It's better than being angry but it's still not fun.  Not fun at all.  And this goes on for two weeks out of every single month.  I know I need to talk to my doctor and do something (hormonal birth control - noooooo! - or pills to control the crazy) but I've drug my feet on it because, well, I don't know.  Just because. 

In addition to the crazy mood swings, there are also the physical side effects of having a tubal done.  Riding the crimson wave is never, ever, ever fun.  Ever.  But, since having my tubes tied, it's worse than ever.  I've always had bad cramps and they're even worse.  I cramp when I ovulate and also right before my period starts and sometimes the cramps can be excruciating.  If a month goes by where they're not bad then I dread the next month because I know it's going to be a killer.  They are intense and they are agonizing -- to the point that they sometimes feel just as bad as labor!  Ummm, I had this whole thing done because I didn't WANT to ever deal with labor pains ever again!  Not only are the cramps hell, but my actual period is heavier and lasts longer.

If I could go back in time, there's no way I would have the tubal done.  If you're thinking of having one done, consider all your options.  Honestly, I think we'd have been much better off if I'd had the hubs get the old snip-snip-sniperoo (not as invasive, easy recovery, they don't get cray cray after they have it done).  I think I'd even rather take a birth control pill every day!  Seriously, folks, think about it and think long and hard.  Sometimes I think I'd rather have another kid in the mix than having to deal with the TLC (Tubal Ligation Crazy).

And, with that, I promise to never again talk about my periods!
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