It Happened This Week


Am I the only one who feels like January is dragging by soooo slooooowly?  October, November, December all went by super fast and now it's ONLY January 13th and, ohmygawww, can it please just be April or May already? 

So, last night at 8:30 it was still 73 degrees outside.  A couple hours later I was outside in short sleeves and not even the least bit cold.  It was downright pleasant for January.  This morning I went to hunt for my newspaper (that's NOT in my yard.  What the hell, man?  The only reason I get the thing delivered is for Sunday morning coupons.  If I was brave enough/ amoral enough I would consider going to "borrow" from my neighbors because, yeah, THEY got THEIRS) and realized the temperature has dropped by at least 35 degrees.  Not only that, but I checked the app on my phone and that temperature is just supposed to keep on dropping all day long.  January is such a sneaky bastard.  "Ohhhh, I'll give them a couple days of spring-like weather then as soon as they pull out their flip flops and decide to throw steaks on the grill, it'll be back to bone chilling."  And that concludes the meterology portion of this post.

In other news, Eddie and I had a Date Night last night and it was only January 12.  Odds are good we won't get another one till July so we made sure it was an extra special date.  And by "extra special date" I mean after we ate dinner at Rendezvous we went to Walmart.  I KNOW!  Please young singles with no children -- please be SO JEALOUS of the wild life I lead.

A look at our week:
All right, folks, if you're Sunday is looking to be anything like mine there's a good chance the dreary rain and return of cold temperatures has you debating whether to build an ark or wash away your Seasonal Affective Disorder with a glass or five of Pinot Grigio.  Choose wisely, my friends.  Choose wisely.

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