Thursday Things


1) Out of the blue the other day, Jaidan initiated a conversation with me about boys kissing boys and girls kissing girls.  Basically, he asked me if I thought it was "gross."  I told him no, that I don't think it's gross for two people who love each other to kiss.  After asking him what he thought, he informed me that he thinks kissing is just plain gross no matter what; he doesn't want to be kissing boys or girls.  The conversation progressed from there and I told him, when asked, that boys can't marry other boys and same for girls who want to marry other girls. 
"Well, why not?"
"Because it's not legal in our country.  Not yet.  But I bet by the time you're a grown up, it will be legal."
"So a boy can marry a girl but a boy can't marry a boy?  And a girl can't marry a girl?  But, that's not fair!"
It's crazy how my six-year-old gets it whiile so many grown adults don't!

2) I heard this song for the first time the other day and proceeded to Farrah ugly cry in the middle of my kitchen.

I'm pretty sure Kyan thought I had sliced off part of a finger or something.  I don't even know who Scotty McCreery is, but the song . . . Wow.

3) Speaking of having a good ugly cry.  This week's Parenthood.  Ohhhhhmyyyyygahhhhh.

4) I have a Goodwill addiction.  I love that place.  When Karis was tiny, I could find all kinds of cute clothes for her.  Now that she's older -- notsomuch.  Not much luck for the boys either.  I guess the older kids get, the harder they are on their clothes.  Anyhow, I have been finding stuff to add to my hodge podge of ragtag Christmas decor.  This week's finds:

Yeah, it's kind of ugly but Karis thought we HAD to have it and it was only $2 so there you go.
Lovely shot of all my TV wires too, huh?

This guy set me back $3.  The ornaments in the basket?  $1 for six of 'em.

Another $3 for this snowman.  I heart Goodwill.  Big pink puffy heart it.

5) Jaidan's "winter celebration" (insert eye roll here) at school is today.  Sometimes I get a little . . . irritated . . . about the way the school does things.  I expected to be bringing treats and being able to attend his holiday party but they don't do things that way.  I did make little reindeer treat bags to go in stockings that are being handed out to each the kids but that's it.  They aren't doing any sort of Christmas/ holiday program either.  SAD FACE.

6) I overheard a lady at the library yesterday explaining that she was from Ohio and this is her first Christmas in Memphis.  She was complaining about the lack of a white Christmas.  I WANT TO PUNCH PEOPLE LIKE THAT IN THE FACE.  Just say no to a white Christmas, my friends, and remember: we live in the south for a reason. 

7) I sold all of my maternity shirts yesterday.  I really hope this doesn't mean I find myself pregnant again in the next 17 minutes or so.  There's a reason I held on to 'em for two and a half years . . .  (Seriously, the last time I got rid of all my maternity clothes I was pregnant again two minutes later.)

8) You know, I'm the first to tell you that kids can do this little thing called SUCK THE EVER LIVING LIFE OUT OF YOU.  But, man, sometimes there are just those sweet moments that completely take your breath away.  We bought Kyan a new coat the other day so I took his old one and donated it to Jaidan's school.  I wasn't really sure that Kyan understood about donating and all that.  But later that same day he told me, "Mommy, I'm glad we gave my coat so some other kid can be warm.  It would make me so sad to know a little boy was cold.  I know whoever gets my coat will love it so much!"  So the boy has a touch of a giving spirit about him.  Makes me happy.

9) We kicked off our Christmas baking yesterday and, let me tell you, every single ounce of willpower I have has gone into NOT inhaling the pan of fudge in my kitchen.  I was planning to wrap some up to take to Jaidan's teacher and he told me, "pleeeeease don't give away our fudge!"  Ha!  I wonder where he gets THAT from.

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