Want to know the worst thing about suffering through the Terrible Two's with your third child?  Since you already have two other children, you already KNOW the three's are OMGSOMUCHWORSE than the two's ever thought about being.  Karis is a few months away from turning three and, man, she's already gearing up.  The past two days she's been running 100 mph, non-stop, into everything constantly, not napping, waking up at 6:30 in the morning *yawn,* and just, I don't know, making me wish I could mix a vodkavalium cocktail.  I have a feeling wine:30 is gonna come around early today! 

In the meantime, a look at our life lately according to Instagram.  You can follow me there, if ya want, @Brandi1010. 

See above about the 2010 asshole.  Yesterday's casualties.

Jaidan had his picture made with Santa at school.  He brought this home yesterday.
This kid is so photogentic.  It kills me.

My kid.  He thinks he has to take this picture every time we go to McDonald's.  His birthday, by the way, is in May . . .

There's a house in our neighborhood that Christmas threw up on!
Jaidan's card for his teacher.  The spelling KILLS me.  I love it! 
How we roll at Kroger
Grinch Feet!
I love.adore. this picture.
(We were making 'mistletoes')
Boys got their first library cards
Lowe's Build and Grow clinic
Wine and a glue gun.  Watch out now!
She didn't want to let go of my new wine glass (isn't it awesome?!?)
Also.  Why is she SO BIG?
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