The Best Laid Plans


Ahhhh.  The best laid plans. 

I was ridiculously excited about Halloween.  I am every year.  I love dressing up even though I never do so anymore.  And, man, if I don't love extracting that "candy tax" from my children as reward for schlepping them from house to house.  Kyan also loves - loves! - Halloween and we've been counting down the days since, oh, November 1st of last year.  Karis would say "Tripper Treek!" even though she had no idea what was going on.  I put together special Halloween themed meals and put together a surprise Halloween-y lunch for Jaidan to take to school yesterday.  Won't lie.  I was too excited about his reaction to that lunch.

Well.  A little after 11:00 yesterday morning, his teacher called to let me know the Birdster was running a fever.  He told her he wasn't sick; that he was just really tired because he had been up until midnight (um, thanks for making me look like That Parent, asshole, especially when you were in bed at 8:00 the night before!) and just wanted to lay his head down his desk.  I obviously went to pick him up and went spent the afternoon nursing a fever and bemoaning the state of our Halloween.

See, Eddie had to work last night.  I had no one to stay at the house with the sickie so I could take the other kids trick-or-treating.  I rearranged plans and, from around noon on, planned for Halloween to consist of only trick-or-treating on our street and then coming home for cupcakes and popcorn and Charlie Brown and tons of candy.  I sent Eddie to the store for the cupcakes and candy.  The boys weren't exactly thrilled with the prospect but what can you do?

After dinner, though, Jaidan had perked up a lot.  He had color back in his cheeks and his fever was down significantly.  And, with that, real deal trick or treating was back on!

My little ladybug wasn't feeling anything other than, you know, candy so pictures were pretty much out of the question.  Good thing I had the sense to do a little Halloween photo shoot with them a few days before!
If I wasn't lazy, I would've at least cropped these but, meh, I was too busy raiding the kids' candy stash.
We walked around the neighborhood for about an hour -- a neighbor boy and his dad went along with us.  I was pleasantly surprised with both the number of trick or treaters and the houses handing out candy.  It was definitely an improvement over past years.  And - score! - we once again managed to find the house that hands out full sized candy bars.  And - score again! - one of my kids came out of that bad boy with a Twix bar.

So Halloween ended up going the way we'd originally intended and hoped for.  The two-year-old only had one meltdown (though it did involve her dumping her candy bucket on the sidewalk.  Fun).  And, best of all, when we got home Jaidan's fever was completely gone. 

Halloween 2012 = Win!
P.S. I wrote this post last night (while stuffing my face with candy, though that's neither here nor there).  This morning, Jaidan is back to running a fever!  He has no other symptoms at all.  No tummy ache, no sore throat.  He's not even acting tired or complaining of being achy.  But, he's running a fever so I'm keeping him home another day.  He's NOT happy.  And now I feel like That Parent who let's their kid go do the fun thing (trick or treating) and then keeps them home sick the next day.  Ugh.
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