I totally think you're lying if you try to tell me that you never look at things other mothers do and roll your eyes and think "THIS bitch" and "hey, why don't you just go join OVERACHEIVERS ANNONYMOUS and get it over with, mmkay."  If you read blogs, it's a pretty good bet that you think things like that on the daily.

With that said, I can go on ahead and admit that sometimes I approach "THAT mom" territory.  When it comes to food. 

I love holidays.  I love the who even cares holidays (groundhog day, anyone?). I love the big holidays.  Even more so because I have children.  What do I love more than holidays?  If you've read my blog anytime at all then you arrdy done know . . . FOOD.  I love food.  I love holidays.  And I love making food fun for the holidays.  You're probably not going to catch me making things like sandcastles out of sandwhiches for my kids for lunch.  But I do love to get creative with food when holidays roll around.

And Halloween?  Totes my favorite fun food holiday!  That being said, I thought I'd share some of the fun things I've done.  (Just as an FYI: very, very few of these ideas are mine.  Most of them came from that lovely mecca of creative we all know as Pinterest).

We did this one last year.  It's a grilled cheese sandwhich made into a spider, witches broomsticks (the pretzel sticks), moster mouth (apple slices, peanutbutter, marshmallows), a ghost and ghost poop, and one lonely moster eyeball.  Monsters totally have square eyeballs, ya'll.
This was dinner a couple weeks ago (I can get wayyy  more creative with dinner when the husband doesn't eat with us!)  Mummy Dogs are a Halloween tradition at our house and Jaidan usually starts asking for them around October 1st.  We also had spiders, witches fingers (baked zuchinni fries), and a little banana ghost.  We'll probably have some version of this for dinner tonight.
Last night's dinner!  The jack-o-lantern quesadilla looks totes appetizing, no?  I also colored a jack-o-lantern face on a clear cup and then filled it with orange soda (oh, shut-up, it's a holiday and I can give 'em soda if I want to!).  They LOVED this.  Even my stepdaughter, who is 12 and mortified by anything that's slightly childish, thought this dinner was fun.  (And, just in case you're wondering, they also had chips and salsa and baked apples with the dinner -- neither of those were all that Halloween-y, though, so Jaidan made his chips into hair for his quesadilla and then decided the apples were witch warts).
Now, let's talk about this morning.  I had every intention of getting up and making ghost pancakes for the kids.  Yeah.  The kids ate (formerly) frozen waffles and I'll scarf down something at some point.  School mornings are all kinds of cray-cray at our house.  I spent my morning saying things like "seriously, just EAT!" "You have five more minutes."  "Um, it's still at least eleven hours until we go trick-or-treating."  "The school said no costumes so, no, you cannot just wear your mask."  "Because your mask is part of your costume."  "Because I don't want you to lose it."  "Yes you will."  "Yes you will."  "Yes you will."  "HOW ABOUT BECAUSE I SAID NO, OKAY?"  "That's great if Jayla's mom will let her wear her mask.  I'm not Jayla's mom."  "Nope, sorry, don't know what Rudy is going to be for Halloween."  "Can we please just get out the door?"  Anyway.  Good thing I put most of J's special Halloween lunch together last night.  I had so much fun doing this!  I hope he gets a kick out of it when he opens it up and sees all his fun Halloween food.
His sandwhich is shaped like a ghost.  He has those peanut butter cracker spiders, an orange jack-o-lantern, ghost poop and bat wings (raisins and marshmallows), goblin fingers and witches brew (celery sticks), and a monster mouth.  I'm sure you're glad we're doing our part to destroy the environment by using all those plastic bags . . .

My favorite part of his lunch?
The three-eyed moster juice box!  How cute is this guy?
By the way, if it seems like J had a bunch of food it's because the poor kid eats lunch at 10:10 and they don't have a snack.  So he doesn't eat again until we get home some time around 3:15.

And that's a little glimpse of how we do Halloween food in our house.
Happy Halloween! 

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